In love with Harry❤️

When you go to a party you might find the live of your life. Kylie Richards did. Harry Styles.


2. Harry's POV

I was scared my Kylie was pregnant, she went for a test and was in her way back. I promised myself I wouldn't leave her. I love her and I will love my baby no matter how hard It will be to be in One Direction and be a daddy. The front door opened and it was Kylie.

"Hey KK"

" Hey Hazza."


"Harry......I'm pregnant."

Kylie started bawling her eyes out. I caressed her.

" Kylie don't cry"

" your not upset?"

" I'm a little scared. But I won't leave you." I whispered.

"I love you Mr. Styles"

" I love you to Ms. Richardson."

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