I'll Be There

"Even though you wont see me all of the time, keep me in your heart and I'll stay with you every second, every minute, and every hour of every day."


1. How it began

"Please stay, Asher."Clover quietly whispers to the dark haired boy about to let go of her hand. 

"Clove, I would but you know I have basketball practice."

The young girl hung her head and whispered "I know..." 

He lifted her chin kissing the top of her nose. 

"I'll text you later, k?" He said grinning. She smiled back and dropped his hand nodding. 

"Bye you guys!" He said walking towards the door. a chorus of byes filled the air as he slammed the door to Jeremy's cozy basement. Clover scooched over next to Fallon and rested her head on her shoulder. Fallon responded by patting her on the head, and turning to talk to her boyfriend Eli (#fli forever). she felt a tap on her shoulder by Jeremy. "Hey Clove, will you help me uh... go get blankets?" He asked. She shrugged oblivious to what he intended to do. He took her hand and dragged her up the cold carpeted stairs to his room. 

"So where are the-" Clover was cut off by Jeremy smashing her up agaisnt a wall and kissing her. She almost pushed him away, and then decided to just go with it. They only stopped when they were called downstairs for pizza. 

-Later that Night-

"I am a terrible person." Tristabella said breaking the silence that filled Fallon's bedroom, covered with incompelte artwork and empty spary paint cans. 

"Why, might I ask?" Fallon said, not even glancing up from the doodle she was doing of her cat sleeping by the window. 

"I think I like Damien." She whispered.

'What?" Clover said.

"I think I misheard you. You like DAMIEN?!" Clover said putting down Fallon's out of tune guitar and marching up towards the innocent Tris who had been there through everything. 


"Damn it..." Fallon muttered. 

"She is right though, he hurt us both. You're already unstable... you dont need him breaking you more!" She added.

"But..." Tristabella started to say.

"I know he has the "extra factor" and all but that doesnt mean you can break girl code for a six pack!"

Fallon glanced at Clover, who stared down at her lap. 

"Get it Clove... extra factor... you know... the inside joke you and Asher have had for like 2 years now...?" Fallon questioned. 

Clover sighed and walked over to a notebook. Slowly she wrote out some words.

"I cheated on Ash- NO YOU DID NOT!" Fallon said standing up with her mouth wide. Clover slowly nodded. Trista began to cry and Fallon sat them both down on her bed. 

"For once can we just I dont know... have a normal sleepover with no tears shed please?" 

The other two quietly nodded. 

"Alright Clove set up the notebook and I will go get the icecream. Tris, clean yourself up your mascara bled." 

They nodded againa dn went off to there respective places on the king sized fluffy mattress.

One by one they all drifted off to sleep, dreaming only about what lay ahead.


So this is a new story um yeah like and all that? lol ty -gin

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