Untold stories

Many people try to imagine what really happened after the Deathly Hallows. So here it is! Follow all of Harry Potter's and Ron's children as they go to Hogwarts perform spells in Hogwarts.


2. The longest train ride ever

  Authors note: Hi,I'm sooo happy that people have commented. I've been writing in 3rd person, but now I will talk in Rose's perspective. Thx!

                   Rose's Pov

            I know he's a Malfoy, but maybe he's different than his dad. Maybe he can seal the gap between the Slytherins and Gryffindor's once and for all... I flashed back to reality, wondering why a Malfoy would actually want to sit with "Weasley Scum." "Hi, I'm ssorry to intrude," malfoy stuttered, "But there is no more room anywhere. Cccould I sit here?" He was so shy and unconfident, I felt bad for the guy."With a malfoy, I'm out." sneered James, as he grabbed Charlotte Finnagin and left to pull a prank or plan new pranks with her. Anyway, does it matter which? Both things are quite disturbing if you ask me. "Sure, you can sit with us Scorpius" replied an unsure Albus. "So what house do you want to be in, Albus asked casually to Scorpius. "Uggh.. I actually don't know, anything but Slytherin," he replied. Murmurs spread throughout the room. "Is he really a Malfoy," asked Lucy. Maybe he really will seal the gap between the houses.




            The train began slowing down, I tried to intake the gorgeous scenery, that would be my home for the next 7 years. Like Lily, I have been dreaming of this for my entire life. This is greater and more spectacular then I ever imagined. "First Years, First years, make your way to the boats please," yelled a extremely happy Bill Weasley. I wished Hagrid was still game keeper, but it was his time to visit Dumbledore and Sirius again. As we made our ways to the boats, Albus grabbed me and we sat in a boat. Scorpius decided to sit behind. As we got closer to the castle,anticipation almost ate me up. What house would I actually be in? The "ride" had finally came to an end, and we entered the castle, and were greeted by Professor Longbottom, and he gave us the sorting speech. We then entered the Great Hall. Candles floating above our heads, students everywhere, and worry was contained into the jam-packed Great Hall. Soon enough, Professor Longbottom was calling out names.

Latania Brown Jordan.. Hufflepuff

 With great disgust, Professor Longbottom announced: Mira Lestrange...Ravenclaw

Scotlyn Finnagin... Gryffindor

William Thomas.... Slytherin

With great pride Neville anounced, Nymphadora (Tonks) Longbottom.... Hufflepuf

Also with great pride, Frank Longbottom...Gryffindor (They're twins)

Albus Potter...Slytherin. The entire hall became silent, but began clapping. Albus looked like he had seen a ghost, but he walked over to the Slytherin table with pride.

Rose Weasley. "Ahh.. Brave, brains like your mother, yet don't always use them to your full potential, cunning, and sneaky. What about slytherin," the hat stated. No, please no. I whispered."Very well then, let's put you in a house no Weasley has been in before..Ravenclaw!" the hat yelled. The Ravenclaw table suddenly burst out with cheers and clapping.

"Last of all," replied Neville Longbottom." Scorpius Malfoy...Gryffindor! Again the students became deadly silent, but when the food appeared cheers and laughter arose from all of the houses, and the feast finally began.


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