our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


3. The concert

I woke up at twelve and freaked out i can't believe i slept that long. i looked around and saw liberty asleep on the couch and my brother was on the floor. I got up quietly and tiptoed into the kitchen, i got a metal bowl and a wooden spoon and went back in to the living room.i stood beside the couch and started banging the spoon on the bowl.

"Wake up! We are going to a black veil brides concert and your still asleep it's noon get your lazy ass up!" I screamed while banging the pan.

Liberty tried rolling over on the couch, and ended up falling on Jordan. Well that woke them both up. her cheeks turned a deep red and she quickly got up and dragged me to my room.

"that was so embarrassing, I can't believe that happened. Why didn't you just wake us up in a normal way?" she asked sitting on my bed with her face burred in a pillow.

"Well, i thought that it would be fun, and it was much more fun than i expected" i said while trying not to laugh.

"Whatever. let's just get ready tonight's a big night. It's your 20 birthday and we are going to a BVB concert!" she said getting exited. we started getting ready. this is what i wore..

and this is what Liberty wore:

"Perfect Libby you look amazing" I said looking at her in the mirror

"Thanks Dustie you look amazing to, This is going to be the best night of our lives" She said with a huge smile

"it is, Thank you so much for getting us these tickets you honestly are the best friend any one could ever ask for" I said. She really was amazing if she hadn't done this i wouldn't be seeing Andy. oh no Andy What if he doesn't want to see me or he doesn't even know who i am ? i sighed and sat on my bed.

"Dustie whats wrong now? A second ago you were all exited and now you look sick?" Liberty asked looking concerned.

"It's nothing i was just worrying about Andy again. Maybe we should just not go i mean he could get mad or something what if he didn't contact me because he just didn't want to deal with me you know i can be annoying sometimes And..." Liberty cut me off saying

"Dustie just shut up we are going whether you want to or not and that's that." I guess i have to go.

(Three hours later)

"come on Dustie you have to get out of the car were here" Liberty said sounding slightly annoyed. you see o told her i was annoying.

"I can't do it you go I'll wait in the car" I said knowing she was going to make me get out.

"Dustie if you don't get out of the car i will go by my self and then i will bring Andy out here to you so ether way your seeing him. So you can ether come and enjoy the concert or you can wait here and have to see Andy any way." She said knowing that she had already won. black veil brides was my favorite band of all time.

"Fin I'll go but i won't like it"  i said getting out of the car

"sure you won't"She said while smiling.

We were right in front of the stage they played Fallen angels, Knives and Pins, In the End, Lost it All, and, Rebel Love Song. They were amazing i loved their music.

"Let's go back stage!!!" Liberty said sounding like a total fan girl.

"Okay lets go" I said. Gosh i was so nervous all of the doubts and questions that i had had started going through my head and i zoned out. When i looked up i realized that we were standing in front of the guys. Jinxx, Ashley, Jake ,and CC were facing us but Andy was turned the other way talking on the phone.

"Hi I'm Liberty Walker and I'm like your biggest fan." Liberty held her hand out so she could shake the guys hands.

they all shook her hand but didn't say their names because obviously we already knew them.

"And who are you" Ashley asked me and i realized i had been staring at Andy i quickly shook their hands and said.

"I'm Dustie it's nice to meet you" i left out my last name hopping that He would not recognize me.After i told them my name Andy slowly turned around and looked at me a look of disbelief on his face.

"Dustie Hutto?" He asked slowly walking forward.

"Ya Andy it's me" i said looking down. when i saw his shoes in front of me i looked up at him and felt breathless, i had always loved his eyes.

"Dustie I can't believe your here. I've missed you." he said and then he hugged me. I started to cry I wrapped my arms around his waist i was so mad at him for not calling me but then i was so happy to be hugging him again.

"Whats wrong Dustie? Why are you crying?" he asked still hugging me. I pulled back and glared at him.

"I can't believe you! Why didn't you call? Why did you just leave like that? When you left i was all alone. i got depressed i didn't eat for weeks i wouldn't talk. everyone at school made fun of me. Mark broke up with me he said i was different said i wasn't the girl he fell in love with. Then mom made me move. You ruined my life...... you were my best friend and you just left." I yelled while crying. the guy's looked confused and Liberty looked shocked.He tried to hug me again but i pushed him away.

"No answer my questions why huh why no contact at all?"

"Dustie I'm sorry i thought i needed to focus on my career i thought if i left everything behind it would be easier to start fresh And i tried to call you three months ago to apologize and see if we could start over but your mom said that you didn't want to talk to me." he ran his hand through his hair and let out a frustrated sigh.

" Really? Oh god Andy I'm sorry mom never told me that you called. I'm sorry i yelled it's just i  thought you didn't care at all and that really hurt and i just I'm sorry."I said

"See Dustie i told you he would remember you. I can't believe you were worried." Liberty said walking over to us

"You thought i wouldn't remember you?" Andy asked

"Well you've been gone a long time and you have new friends so i thought you might want to forget the past." I said looking at the ground again

"How could i forget my best friend?" Andy asked. Before i could answer all of the guy's started talking at once.

"how do you know each other?" Ashley asked

"how did you meet?" Jake asked

"Why didn't you try to call him?" asked Jinxx

"I'm so confused" said CC

"We were best friends before he left, we met in school, i didn't call because he didn't leave a number, does that help?" I hoped they wouldn't ask to many questions i don't like to remember it makes me cry and i have done enough of that for one day.

"I guess it helps a little" Ashley said " but can you tell us the whole story?"

"I'm sorry but i can't it hurts to think about how it used to be." I said

"Who's Mark and why is this the first time I'm hearing about him?" Liberty asked

"Well i don't like to talk about Mark because i loved him and he left me when i needed him the most and he is now dating my ex best friend Kayla and that's all I'm going to say." I said

"Wait Mark and Kayla? The biggest slut in school Kayla how did that happen?"Andy asked

"Well after you left i guess i was kind of distant and he wanted me to be ready for things that i wasn't ready for so he found someone who was."I said trying not to cry. I know earlier i said i had been in love with Andy but i had been in love with Mark before that and i had just realized i loved Andy a week before he left and i didn't know how to tell ether one of them.

"Dustie we have to go we were supposed to meet your brother and Zack like twenty minuets ago and Zack was going to surprise you with something and he is going to be so mad that we are late because this is a very important thing he wanted to surprise you with so we have to go." Liberty said.

"Who's Zack?"Andy asked before i could tell him Liberty answered.

"Oh he's her boyfriend" Liberty said as she pulled me out the door. i barley saw him frown before the door shut. we drove to the house and Zack was waiting and as soon as i walked in to the door he asked me if we could go on a walk down the beach.

"Dustie i have to ask you something."He said sounding nervous

"What is it Zack?"I asked

"Dustie Will you move in with me i rented this cute little apartment and it would be great if we could take that next step in our relationship?"

"Oh my god Zack! yes i will move in with you this is amazing." said hugging him

"I love you" he whispered in my ear

"I love you to Zack ." i said

we walked back to the house and told everyone. i was happy but i couldn't stop thinking about how Andy frowned when Liberty said Zack was my boyfriend.



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