our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


4. Moving in

I can't believe were actually doing this I'm moving in with my boyfriend. This is the first time i will live anywhere without my mom. When i told mom she started crying and kept repeating "My little girl is growing up." when she started crying i couldn't help it i started crying. Then when dad got home he started yelling(he doesn't like Zack). Mom got him to calm down and told him that i could do whatever i wanted because i was an adult. Liberty and i are now packing my stuff.

"Are you sure you and Zack should move in together?" Liberty asked

"Ya I mean i love him and he loves me so why not?" i asked

"what about Andy?" she asked not looking at me

"What about him?" i asked confused

"well it's just i thought you two would see each other again and he would realize that he had always loved you and you would live happily ever after." she said

"We are just friends that's it and we haven't seen each other in years and you just expected us to be a couple? did you think i would just break up with Zack because Andy was there?" i asked

"No not really i had just kinda forgotten about him for a minute." she said

"well like i said before i love him he love me and we have a great relationship." i said

"Did you tell Zack that you knew Andy?" she asked

"No, there's nothing to tell he was an old friend who i hadn't seen in a while and will probably never see again." i said

"You going to see him again trust me." she said

"How would you know?" i asked

"A little birdy told me he might be coming over in like thirty minutes and you and i both will be going to hang out with all the guy's" she said

"Thirty minuets? we have to get dressed were still in pajamas!" i said rushing to my closet. we finally found outfits

My Outfit (Without the jacket)

Liberty's Outfit

We heard a car horn honk so we went downstairs but when i opened the door  it wasn't Andy it was Zack.

"Zack what are you doing here?" i asked

"I came to see if you wanted to go out, but it looks like your already doing that where are you going?" he ased

"were going to hang with some friends." i said

"Oh what friends?" he asked

"Just Dustie's old friend Andy and his band." Liberty said

"What's his bands name maybe I've heard about them?" he asked

"Black veil brides." I mumbled

"Did you just say Black veil brides?" he asked

Before ether Liberty or i could answer Andy pulled up. He walked over to us and hugged me for a really long time. it was kinda awkward. after he hugged me he hugged Liberty and she freaked out a little.

"So i guess you did say Black veil brides" Zack said stepping forward and wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Andy this is Zack, Zack this is Andy." i said

"Oh so your Zack i wanted to meet you sense last night." Andy said

"How do you know who i am." Zack asked

"Liberty mentioned you last night when the girls were hanging out back stage." Andy said

"Okay well we have to get going don't want to keep the boy's waiting." Liberty said

"I'll see you at the apartment do you want me to take your stuff over." Zack asked

"Ya sure, I can't believe were really doing this." i said

"What are you doing?" Andy asked

"were moving in together." Zack said

"Moving in?" Andy asked his voice rising


I'm stopping there for now what do you think???

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