our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


8. Juliet

~~"Juliet?" I asked. She looked at me like she forgot I was standing there.
"Sorry, you asked about a job right?" She asked.
"Yea" I reply.
"Okay follow me to the back so I can interview you." she says
"okay" I say.
We walk to the back of the store and through a door that leads to a long hallway. She stops at the third door on the left.
We walk in and she gestures for me to sit down across from her.
"okay, what's your full name?" she asks
"Dustie Sue Ann Hutto." I say
"Have you had any previous job experience?"
"Ummmmm.......... I worked for my Grandpa at his flower shop." I said
"Okay. why do you want to work at Fitted style?" she asked
"I just moved out of my parents house and need a way to make money so when I saw they were hiring here I thought it would be fun to work there I love that store." I said
"Okay. How old are you?' she asked
"I'm 20 years old" I said
"Okay. do you have a criminal record?" she asked
I blushed and looked down.
"It was this stupid thing I just picked a flower from my neighbors yard and she called the cops and I got in trouble so that will be on my record forever but nothing serious." I said
"Okay we have your number and we will call you about the job in the next week or so." she said
"Oh okay hope I hear from you then." I say as I start to walk out.
"Wait." she said rushing up to me.
"I was wondering I you wanted to hang out some time." she asked
"sure Juliet that would be great." I said
" okay here's my number call me when your free.'' she said then abruptly walked away.
well she was a little strange but she seems like a nice person. I decide to look around the store before going out to the car. I love all the clothes here, as I'm walking past the tee-shirts I see Juliet and Andy outside the window I almost go out there but it looks like their fighting about something so I decide to look for a new Black Veil Brides for Liberty. I looked for a good twenty minutes before I realized Liberty most likely already had any shirt I could find here. Just as I was about to leave Juliet ran by crying, I started to go after her but Andy came up to me grabbed my arm and wordlessly dragged me from the store.
"what the hell Andy let me go!!!" I said.
"No I'm taking you to look for a different job." he said opening my car door and practically throwing me in my seat.
"I don't want a different job I want to work at Fitted Style!" I said
"Only crazy people work there Dustie" he said.
"Juliet works there and she's not crazy" I said.
"You don't know her like I do, that girl is the definition of crazy." he said.
 "Your just saying that because she's your ex all guys say that about their ex's" I say
"whatever Dustie I'm not going to argue with you just stay away from Juliet" He said.
I didn't reply, instead I took out my phone and texted Juliet
D: When do you get off work?
J: half an hour why?
D:Wanna hang out on the beach with me and some friends?
J: Sure meet you there!!
D: kk see you!!!

"Hey Andy want to go to the Beach?" I ask while smirking.
"Sure let me ask the guys." Andy says

Finally I have updated!!!!!!!

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