our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


5. Hanging out with BVB

"Moving in?" Andy asked his voice rising.

"ya moving in." Zack said smirking

"I'll be in the car girls." Andy said

"I got to go babe see ya." Zack said. He kissed me before he left

 Liberty and i walked out to his car, i sat in front and Liberty sat in the back.

"So your dad's letting you move in with that asshole?" Andy asked

"Andy! One he is not an asshole, and Two it doesn't matter what my dad thinks I'm an adult" I said

"He is an asshole. and i guess that means dad said no." Andy said

"He didn't just say no he screamed for like an hour." Liberty said

"Why do you want to be with someone your dad hates?" Andy asked

"It does not matter how my dad feels. i love Zack." I said

Andy didn't say anything after that. why was Andy acting this way? It's so confusing shouldn't one of my best friends be happy that i found someone after Mark? When we got to Andy's house he got out of the car with out saying a word so liberty and i just followed him inside. All of the guy's were sitting on the couch.

"Hey what took you so long?" Ashley asked

"Dustie's boyfriend showed up." Andy said he said the word boyfriend like it was the worst thing in the world.

: Dustie's boyfriend has a name you know, which is Zack. Zack came to get my stuff." I said

"what stuff ?" Ashley asked

"All my stuff, I moving in with him." I said

"Yes haven't you heard? They're in love." Andy said

"Good for you Dustie." Jinxx said

"So what are we doing today?" Liberty asked

"We can watch a movie." Jake said

"What movie?" CC said

"Lets let the girls decide." Ashley said

Liberty and I looked at each other then screamed "BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"YES BATMAN!!"Andy screamed jumping off the couch to put the movie in.

"but we always watch batman." Jake said

"Ashley said we could pick a movie and we did, we can watch something different but only is Ashley admits that he's a liar."Liberty said

"I am not a liar." Ashley said

"then i guess were watching batman." I say

After the movie we went to the beach. when we got there Ashley, Jinxx, and CC Ran straight to the water. Andy, Jake, Liberty, and I walked down. Liberty, Jake, And Andy got in the water but i didn't feel like swimming so i sat on the shore. Liberty came back after a while and sat down beside me.

"Whats wrong Dustie?" She asked

"why did Andy act that way in the car? He doesn't even know Zack." I said

"well i think he's mad that you have a boyfriend." Liberty said

"Why would he be mad?" i asked

"Because maybe he wants to be your boyfriend." She said

"No were just friends how many times do i have to say that." i said

"okay whatever." Liberty said

"let's just go swim." I said

When Andy took us home we dropped liberty off first because she lives really close to the beach. Andy started going to my parent's house and i remembered i no longer live there.

"Andy can you take me to those apartments? There about 7 miles that way." I said pointing

"ya sure." Andy said not looking at me

"Andy whats wrong?" i asked

"I just don't think you should move in with whats his face." he said

"why not? What do you have against Zack? you don't even know him" I said

"I don't want to know him" he said turning on the radio. it was too loud for us to continue our conversation. When we got to the apartments Andy didn't say anything so i got out and slammed the car door. i realized i didn't know which apartment it was so i took out my phone and called Zack.

Dustie: "Zack what apartment is it again?"

Zack: "7"

Dustie: "Okay be there in a sec"

Zack : " k love you later"

Dustie: "love you later"


Pic above is Zack

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