our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


7. Finding a job

I'm sitting on the couch being bored out of my mind when I decide that I need a job. I remember seeing a help wanted sign in this really cool store that sells Band Merchandise. I get up and do my hair and get dressed. I text Zack and tell him where I'm going then I call Andy to see if he can give me a ride who know maybe showing up with Andy Biersack will help me get the job.
D: Hey Andy can you do me a favor?
A: It depends on what it is.
D: I need a ride to Fitted Style
A: why?
D:I want to get a job
A:why don't you get your boyfriend to drive you?
D:He's at a concert with Jordan
A:Then why don't you call liberty?
D:She's at work
D:Yay!!! pick me up in five minuets okay?
A:sure later

when Andy gets there he honks the horn and I hurry outside when I get in the car he doesn't say anything. He glares out the window for five minuets and the silence starts to bother me.
"what is your problem?" I ask
"what do you mean?" He asks
"yesterday you say you need to talk to me and then you just leave for no reason and today when I asked you for a ride you acted like a bitch about it. So again what is your problem?" I said
"I don't know what your talking about." he said
"Andrew Dennis Biersack you know exactly what I'm talking about so tell me what the hell your problem is." I said my voice rising
"One don't call me Andrew and Two I don't have a fucking problem." he said
"I'll call you whatever I want and you do have a problem so what is it?'
He doesn't reply
"At least tell me what you were going to say yesterday." I said
"It doesn't matter." he said
"If it didn't matter then why did you come all the way to my house last night to tell me?" I ask
"I'm done with this conversation." he said
"Whatever." I say looking out the window I decided to piss him off more by turning the radio to a Gospel station.
"Turn it off." He said
"no I like this song." I tell him. I start to sing along
"I'm just a pilgrim passing through this dark land nothing but trouble have I found oh lord I need thy light to guide me aright bearing the cross to win the crown......"
He turned the radio off, and glared at me as he pulled in to the Fitted Style parking lot.
"Are you coming in with me or not?" i ask
"Ya sure." he said
we walk in to the store and look for someone who looks like they work here Andy said he was going to look around so i kept looking i finally found a girl her name was Juliet i told her i had a friend with me so we went to find Andy. When we found him he was looking at T-shirts.
"Andy." i said
he turned around and i heard Juliet gasp.
"Juliet?" Andy said
"Andy what are you doing here?" she asked
"Dustie needed a ride so here i am." Andy said
"Oh, well how have you been?" she asked
"Good, how have you been?"  Andy asked
"I've been good." she said
they both got quiet and it was really awkward so i decided to say something.
"How do you two know each other?" i asked
They both answered at the same time.
"Old friends." Andy said
"We used to date." Juliet said
Okay now this is even more awkward
"Ummmmm......" i said
"we dated." Andy said
"Oh okay well Juliet do i talk to you about a job or someone else?" I ask
" Wait aren't you mad." Juliet said
"Why would i be mad?" I asked
"Because I'm your boyfriends Ex-Girlfriend." she said
"Andy's not my boyfriend, He's my best friend." i said
"Oh, well this is awkward." she said
"it's only awkward if we make it awkward." i said
"I'll be in the car." Andy said
"okay see you later" i said
Andy walked out without saying anything to Juliet and she watched him walk away with a strange look on her face.

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