our love story

I'm Dustie Hutto. It all started at a Black veil Brides concert where i saw him again after so long. Will he remember me? Will he even care that I'm here? Are we still friends?


10. Confused

Zack I-" I tried to explain.
"No I get it." he says
"It's not what it looks like-" I get interrupted.
"It's exactly what it looks like." Andy says shooting Zack a glare.
"Shut the fuck up Andy!" I yell.
"What does it look like then? because to me it looks like my girlfriend cheating on me with a fucking rockstar!" He yells.
I was quiet.
"No it's fine go be a hoe!" Zack yells. But before I could reply Andy hit him.
"Don't you ever talk to her that way again in front of me. Next time I'll fucking kill you." Andy angrily stated. Zack shot me the coldest look I have ever seen.
"Get your stuff by tomorrow or else I will throw it out on the street." He said and stormed off. Andy turned to me.
"Why the hell did you kiss me?!" I yelled.
"Why did you kiss back?" He calmly asked which made me even more pissed off.
"Don't avoid the question! I asked you first!!" I said. He took a strand of my hair and brushed it behind my ear.
"Because I'm in front of the most beautiful girl in the world." He answered. I blushed.
"Don't do this to me!" I yelled and stormed off. I was going to leave and then I realized that Andy was my ride. I slowly walked over to where he was still standing by the car.
"Can you take me to get my stuff and then take me to my parents." I ask quietly
"Yea I'll take you, for a kiss." he says smirking.
"Andy, I can't deal with this right now!" I say as I storm off towards the guys. I can't keep the tears out of my eyes as I walk over, god I'm so confused! Why did he kiss me? I love Zack, don't I? if I do then why did I kiss Andy back? Tears were rolling down my face by the time I got to Liberty and the guy's.
"Dustie what happened?" Liberty asks.
"You mean you didn't hear any of that?" I ask.
"That yelling was you guys? We heard but couldn't really understand what was being said, what happened?" Jinxx says.
"Yeah, Andy kissed me and Zack saw and then Zack called me a hoe and Andy punched him and said he would kill Zack if he ever talked to me like that again, then Zack kicked me out and now I need a ride to go get my stuff." I say, not mentioning the fact that I kissed Andy back.
"Jordan is coming to get me already he'll give you a ride." Liberty says coming over and hugging me.
"Wait, Andy kissed you?" Juliet asks looking at me like I crawled out of a dumpster.
"Yeah." I say.
"I don't believe you. I mean why would Andy kiss you? Your not even pretty." she says. Before I can tell her to fuck off an arm wraps around my waist.
"I kissed her because she is the most beautiful person I have ever met, inside and out." Andy's voice says from behind me.
God today has been so confusing!

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