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Hi, I'm Lidia, my friends call me Lilo. I'm 20 years old and I live in Ireland. Yes thats where Niall Horan lived. Yeeey... -.- I mean he's great and all but I just can't stand that every girl wanted to sleep with him, why? It's quite simple, I loved Niall Horan since I met him but i never told him that. Ever since he applied for X-factor, we kinda went our separated ways.
Find out more in the movella. :D


9. Chapter 9

Niall's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I thought I'm going mad. I went to get a couple more shots and I knew she wouldn't recognise me so I lowerd my voice and put it in an american accent. 

Niall: I would like 10 shots of tequilla.

Lilo: Yeah sure. That would be 15 dollars.

Niall: Here you go. ;)

She handed me the shots on a small plate and I took it, but she didn't even look up. :( I was kind of dissapointed. I went to the girl I was dancing with and she was sitting at a table. I put the shotc on the table but I haven't drank them, I kissed her and she kissed me back, we kissed for about half an hour, than we decided that we're going behind the pub. (I know that in pubs don't usually have parties like this, but this one is pub/club :D). We went behind the pub/club and we were still kissing but it felt so wrong I couldn't do that. I pulled back from the kiss and said I was sorry and went back to the club/pub. I went to the counter and call for Lidia. She turned around and looked at me.

Niall: Lidiaa!!!

Lilo: Yeahhh????
Niall: Hiiiiiii!!

Lilo: Niall?????

Niall: Heeeyy!!!

Lilo: No, you're not here right now, you're not real.

I was qonfuzed. I thought she's going to be happy to see me. She told her friend that se needed to go. She went out of the club and I couldn't move. I was so shocked. I finally moved and look for Louis.

Niall: Hey Lou.

Louis: Hey Ni. What's up?

Niall: I'm gonna go.

Louis: Seriously? Ok, fine. Let's go!

We went outside and I saw Lidia kneeling and crying.

Niall: Lilo???

Lilo: Niall??

Niall: Why are you crying??

Lilo: You're not really here, you're just in my head. No..... :'(

Niall: Lilo.. I'm here, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. Lilo..

Lilo: Prove it!

Niall: When we were kids you used to call me Slinky love, becouse you didn't know how to say stinky.

Lilo: Niall??? I thought you were in London or somewhere else. I....

Niall: No, I'm here and I'm quite drunk. Oh... This is Louis, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis: Hellooo... Lidia???

Lidia: Louis????

Niall: Wait how do you tw know eachother??

Louis: Remember when I told you that I was comforting a girl and I was late.

Niall: Yeah..

Louis: She was that girl.

I couldn't believe it. I found my best friend and she was acually happy to see me. Omg.

Lidia's P.O.V.

I was serving the drinks and we were having fun. Once I was a bit creeped out becouse somebody was using american accent and it didin't came right, so you can say I was creeoed out. Somebody asked me if I wanted to dance and I asked Leja and Lucija if it would be ok.


hah... The music was so loud that they had to scream. hahah.. We danced and we danced dirty. :) By the end of the dance he backed off and said thanks for the dance and I went back to work. Honestly, sometimes I can be a little horny, but then I remaind myself with than fucking night. After half an hour somebody calls my name and it sound really familiour.



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