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Hi, I'm Lidia, my friends call me Lilo. I'm 20 years old and I live in Ireland. Yes thats where Niall Horan lived. Yeeey... -.- I mean he's great and all but I just can't stand that every girl wanted to sleep with him, why? It's quite simple, I loved Niall Horan since I met him but i never told him that. Ever since he applied for X-factor, we kinda went our separated ways.
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6. Chapter 6

Niall's P.O.V.

I looked at the time and it was 7 p.m. and I called a cab to drive me to the boys. Once I got there, Harry jumped on me.

Harry: Get ready Ni.

Niall: Why?

Harry: We're going to the club.

Niall: I don't want to go to club.

Harry: Well sucks to be you then.

As he said that I put him on the couch and go to the kitchen, I was hungry. I made my self a snack when sudenly all 4 boys were infront of me and they took me to my room and told me that I have to get ready becouse Li is going too. Li isn't a party guy, but he seemed to be very excited about this. So I got dressed and we still had half an hour so we watched Tom and Jerry 'till Liam said it was time to go.

*15 minutes later*

We went inside the club. It had a really lame name but I didn't remember it. I went to the bar when I thought I saw Lilo. I just shruged it off. I got 5 beers and take them to our table. Only Liam know about Lilo. I only told him and no one else, becouse honestly I loved her and I never saw her since uncle Si (Simon) put us in a group.


Lilo's P.O.V.

I thought that this isn't where I should be. So I left. I left and I never looked back. I shouldn't do that I knew it but I did it.

Niall's P.O.V.

I was so happy right now, that I could kiss Lilo. Wait, where is she? I can't believe that se left, I can't believe her. I thought that she'll be here for me. I didn't want to think about it right now. Maybe she got a call and she had to go. Yesss... I made it. I'm in a group. I don't know them but I think this is going to be fun, a lot.

*flashback over*

Anyway, Harry went dancing with some chick, Louis is dancing with Elounor, Liam is dancing with some chick, and Zayn is dancing with Perrie. And I'm sitting here like some sort of a loser. When all of a sudden I see her again, but I just think that my mind is playing on me again.

Lilo's P.O.V.

We were in the club and I went to get us another drink when I thought I heard a very familiour voice. I just shrug it of and order drinks for us. I'm carrying our drinks to our table and when I get there I sit down and took a sip of my beer when all of a suden I hear a male voice next to me, saying if I wanna dance. I said yes and next thing I knew I was dancing with some guy, my hips really close to his and as I swing my hips to the music I knew that I was having fun. I went back to my seat and drank my beer and I got a bit tipsy (I got drunk). Leja was handing me shots and I drank them. Next thing I knew I was dancing with a guy and we were dancing really dirty. Five minutes later we were kissing and that trigured something in my mind. I backed away and quickly found my friend Leja. She knew what happened and ahe quickly took me outside so I could breathe again. I started to cry and everybody was looking at us so we went back inside and we went to the bathroom and she calm me down. I love her so much.

We went back into the club and I got some beer and I couldn't believe what I saw.


Seriously, do you like it? :)

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