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Hi, I'm Lidia, my friends call me Lilo. I'm 20 years old and I live in Ireland. Yes thats where Niall Horan lived. Yeeey... -.- I mean he's great and all but I just can't stand that every girl wanted to sleep with him, why? It's quite simple, I loved Niall Horan since I met him but i never told him that. Ever since he applied for X-factor, we kinda went our separated ways.
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2. Chapter 2

Louis P.O.V.

I was walking down this street when I heard some girl crying. I looked where she is, I just can't stand the idea that somebody crying, yes good luck tears are the best but the sad ones I really hate. So When I saw her, she was crying and I went to hug her, she just kept on crying for five more minutes and I just hold her like I've known her for ages. Finally she calm her self down.

Her: Thanks.

L (me): You're welcome.

Her: Anyways I'm just gonna go back inside and go back to work but thanks again. :)

L: Oh, Ok.

Her: Would you like to come? I mean It's an open microphone...

L: Yeah, sounds great. My name is Louis, Louis Tomlinson.

Lidia: I'm Lidia but friends call me Lilo.

Louis: Ok. :)

She was nice, so I went to the pub, where I saw somebody singing and a lot of drunk people. I sit near the counter and  she gave me a beer. Her boss told her she can go home and she just waited 5 more minutes so her friend came. She said bye to me and left. I stayed a couple more minutes and then look at the clock and saw that I'm really late to our meeting with someone.

I quickly payed for my beer and went out and run to where we were meeting.

Niall: Hey mate, where have you been?? We've been worried sick about you.

Louis: I just helped a girl out. Sorry mates.

Harry: Ohhh really?? ;)

Liam: Louis where on earth have you been??

Niall: He was helping a girl.

Louis: Where is Zayn?

Harry: He's sleeping as usual. :D

The meeting was boring as usual, we talked about something, I didn't really listen becouse I was thinking about her.


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