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Hi, I'm Lidia, my friends call me Lilo. I'm 20 years old and I live in Ireland. Yes thats where Niall Horan lived. Yeeey... -.- I mean he's great and all but I just can't stand that every girl wanted to sleep with him, why? It's quite simple, I loved Niall Horan since I met him but i never told him that. Ever since he applied for X-factor, we kinda went our separated ways.
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17. Chapter 17

Lilo's P.O.V.

I got dressed and put a bit of make up on.


(This is what I was wearing, with black high heals, I'm 150 if you don't know it yet.)

We went to the kitchen and he saw all the food. He ran to it and started eating.

Lilo: Don't eat everything at once.

Niall: I... Wh.... Ok...

Lilo: Oh.. And we'll have desert when we come back. ;)

Niall: Yes!!

I watched him eating. He looked at me but he didn't bothered. I walked over to him and pretended that I'm going to kiss him.

Lilo: You know what?

Niall: What??

Lilo: You look hot eating. ;)

Niall: Seriously? Hahaha... Ok...

I lean in and he had his hands on my hips and I reached for a strawberry. He had only one left. We kissed. I got up and walk behind the counter. Niall was still looking at me. He smirked and wanted to eat the final strawberry.He looked down for a few minutes. I quickly ate it. He looked up. He looked at me.

Lilo: Whatt??? Did I miss something?

Niall: Oh.. You're such a bad girl.

Lilo: What? What did I do??

I played dumb.

Niall: I had a strawbery on my plate and now it's gone.

Lilo: And what am I supposed to do now?

Niall: Give it back to me.

Lilo: Oh, now you think I took it. Thanks Ni.

Niall: I'm not saying that.

He got up and started walking towards me.

Niall: I know that you took it.

Lilo: I didn't took anything.

Niall: I'm not going to do something to you. I swear.

Lilo: I....

He was really close. He was so close to me that we had our noses together. I was looking at his eyes. He had the most goregeous eyes.

Niall's P.O.V.

Lilo: I.... didn't... took it...

She moved away but I got closer. I grabed her waist. She looked at the clock that was behind me.

Lilo: We have to go now.

Niall: We're not going anywhere until you admit you took my strawberry.

Lilo: And how do you suppose I took it?

He went quiet and let go of me.

Niall: Fine, if you don't admit it.. No more kisses for you.

Lilo: Fine.

I was quiet. She giggled a bit. She went to the closet and took out two jackets. She took her keys and when I finally got out, she locked the doors and we went to her car. She got into the drivers seat and I sat in the back. She giggled again and I just looked at her and then looked away.

Lilo: Does it really matters??

Niall: Yeah it does. It was my strawberry.

Lilo: Well, then it was mine.

Niall: I'm sorry,  what did you say?

Lilo: Nothing. 

I got out of the car. I opened her doors and pulled her out. I put her in the back seats and locked the doors. I put her keys in my pocket but than put them infront. She looked at me weirdly. She was laying on her back and I was on top of her. I started to kiss her and she kissed back. Things got heated up and then she turned me around so now I was laying. She took of my shirt and kissed on my neck. She left hickies all around my body. She was getting to my neck when I suddenly moaned, she smiled and looked at me. I was enjoying it. Well you know what happened next.

We were cuddling in a car. Haha.. She jumped for no reason.

Niall: What's wrong?

Lilo: We totally forgot we had to go to your mum and then to mine.

Niall: Oh, yeah.

We started dressing and she searched for the keys. I told her they were infront. We walked to the front and started to drive. We arrived at our old neighbourhood.

Niall: Hey Lilo?

Lilo: Yeah?

Niall: You have a sex face.

Lilo: Oh...Shit... Could you pass me that bag over there?

Niall: Yeah, sure.

She pointed at a bag. I give it to her and she had make up in. We stoped the car and she's done her make up. I usually tell girls not to wear make up but she needed it becouse we're going to her mother later.

Lilo's P.O.V.

We went to his mum first. We talked and talked. Then we left and got to my mums.
Niall knocked on the door.

Miranda: Hello..

Li: Heyy...

Miranda quickly hugged me and welcomed us in. Since this was a long day, we decided that we'll stay here for the night.


I'm sorry it took so long. I just had a lot to do. I hope you enjoy it.

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