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Hi, I'm Lidia, my friends call me Lilo. I'm 20 years old and I live in Ireland. Yes thats where Niall Horan lived. Yeeey... -.- I mean he's great and all but I just can't stand that every girl wanted to sleep with him, why? It's quite simple, I loved Niall Horan since I met him but i never told him that. Ever since he applied for X-factor, we kinda went our separated ways.
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14. Chapter 14

Niall's P.O.V.

I jumped on Lilo and she kicked me off of her but I landed on a chair.

Niall: Damn, you're strong. But not strong enough! Boysss!!!

Suddenly all the boys come in.

Niall: Get her!! :D

Lilo: Like hell you are.

She jumpes off the couch and we chased her around the house. Finally she went to my room and lock herself in it. The boys were tired and went to the living room. I started singing. I don't know which song. I didn't care. I heard crying and I started banging on the door. I broke down the doors. I looked for her everywhere. I knew she was somewhere in my room I just didn't know where. I went out and go to the kitchen and drank some water. I remembered the time when she didn't know what to do and she started cuting. I quickly went into my room and saw that the bathroom door is closed. I heard singin so I stoped and listen to her. He sang I see fire by Ed Sheeran. When she finished, I knock on the door, and I'm guessing she unlocked them since something clicked. I went in and saw her in a bathtub.

Niall: Lilo? Are you ok?

Lilo: Yeah, I'm fine why?

Niall: Well you're holding a razor.

Lilo: What? No I'm not!

She looked down at her hand and saw a cut.

Lilo: What the hell?? What? Where? How?? No....

She started crying again. I tosed the razor in the trash and put a patch on her wrist. I went into the tub and hugged her. She was crying into my shirt. She calmed herself down a little bit.

Lilo: Can I tell you something?

Niall: Sure sweetie.

Lilo: Promise you won't get mad?

Niall: Promise.

Lilo: I love you!

I was shocked.

Niall: Can I tell you something too?

Lilo: Yea, sure.

Niall: I always loved you.

She was happy, I think.

Niall: Can I ask you someting?

Lilo: Yeah. :)

Niall: Will you be my girlfriend??

Lilo: Ofcourse.

I was so happy right now. I kissed her and she kissed back. We stayed in the bathtub for half an hour. Finally we smelled food. We were practicly racing to the kitchen.

Niall: I won. Hahah... :D yesss!!

Lilo: That's not fair, you cheated.

Niall: Oh, come on love, I know you love me :* ;)

Lilo: Now here's where you're right.

As she said that, she kissed me and somebody cough. We turned around and saw 4 confuzed  faces. I just laugh at them.

Lilo: Do you want to tell them or shall I?

Niall: You go ahead. I'm way too hungry.

I dig in my food and as usual I ate almost like I was dying and I needed food to survive.

Lilo: You're such a pig. Hhahaha...

Niall: I'll take that as a compliment. :)

Lilo: Anyways, we're dating. :D hah..

Them: Yeyyy.. That's awesome. Congratiolations! :D

Louis: Now we can go on a double date. Or something. :D

Lilo: Yeah, sure. :)

Lilo's P.O.V.

He told me he always loved me. I just can't believe it! We're dating...  Ahhh.. So exciting! :D
 I had a job in the evening and I had to go home and change. Niall drove me back to my aprtmant and I invited him in. I went to my room and have a shower and than put on some clothes.

I put on a bit of mascara and went back to the living room. I looked for Niall. I found him in the kitchen, eating.

Lilo: Oh, yeah. Help yourself. And what about me??

Niall: Thanks. I don't know how to cook, you know that. :D

Lilo: Yeah, I know. The last night we were together you almost burned my steaks. I still don't forgive you for that.

I shouldn't said that becouse he came closer to me and I was in high heels so I couldn't run fast. ah..

Niall: You don't eh?

Lidia: No, I don't. It was really dissgusting.

Ni: Why did you eat it than?

Lilo: Becouse I was hungry. :D

Ni: Oh, really. I bet if I cook you something, you're gonna eat it.

Lilo: Oh yeah. Ok. I bet you a kiss. ;)

Ni: That's a bet. ;)

Lilo: Oh, and don't forg....

I was cut off by his lips on mine. There was fireworks everywhere. I just knew that I loved him. The kiss was passionate. But for some reason he stoped. I looked at him and he was pale as a ghost.

Lilo: Ni, what's wrong??? Ni????

Ni: Hospitall....

I got him in the car and drove to the hospital. They quickly took him somewhere, I don't know where. I was worried. I called Jesse if somebody else can take my shift. I told him what happened and he understood. Than I had to call Maura.

Maura: Hello?

Lilo: Hi, this is Lidia and Niall is in the hospital.

Maura: What??

I tell her the name of the hospital and she came here as soon as she could. I have to text the boys too.

Liam's P.O.V.

We were watching a football game and my phone buzzed. It was from Lilo.

Hey, Niall is in the hospital, can you guys come? I figured that he would want to see you guys. :)

From: Lilo:)

Liam: Guys, put on some clothes, we're going to the hospital.

Zayn: What's the matter?

Liam: I don't know, but Lidia just texted me that Niall is in the hospital.

I texted back to Lidia.

To: Lilo:)

We're on our way. Which hospital?


Well that's a twist in a story? I wonder what's wrong with Niall in this story? :)


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