Disappear | Harry Styles

"How can you possibly love me when I have all these machines and tube hanging off me?" My voice cracked on the last word, he looks down to the floor and back to me "Behind all these machines and tubes is my angel, nothing with stop me loving you." He says, tears brimming his eyes.


6. Chapter 6.

I jolt awake, I can't breath. I search for my tank but it isn't here. I squeal, loud. I am still squealing, my vision is blurry. "Mum!" I scream, I hear her burst through the door, she screams and I sob, "What's happening to me?" I scream. I hear the front door slam and someone running. 

I can't make out who it is, when my vision comes back a bit better I realise it is the neighbour. "Harry" I mumble. I hear an ambulance, I hear the sirens. People rush in with a bed, I am not laying on a bed. My eyes are squeezed closed, gasping for air. I am outside, I can feel the breeze. 

I don't know where I am now, all I can hear is my mothers silent sobs and I pass out.

When I wake up I hear beeps and I feel pain in my chest, I slowly open my eyes, blinking a few times. it's really bright and I am really scared. No one else is in here besides me and when i look down I see tubes and so many other horrible things sticking out of my body. 

I hear someone outside the door and the door opens. "Mum?" I croke and mum rushes to the side of my bed and collapses, holding my hand tightly and crying. "I thought I lost you." She sobs, "Harry has been here all night." She sobs more, "He has been crying, he is so worried about you." She sbos some more, "Harry's here?" I say, no emotions in my voice.

"Yes, he is. Would you like to see him?" She asked and I thought about it, will he think of me differently, will he do what Cherie did?

"Yes please." I said. She, stands and walks to the door, poking her head out and nodding. I hear slow foot steps outside. The door opens wider and I see Harry walk in. His eyes are red and swollen and really bloodshot. "Rose." He sighs and runs to me, hugging me tightly. Mum closes the door behind her.

"When your mum called me and told me, I didn't know what to think. I thought you were gone." He said, his voice cracking. "I am right here, I am okay." I said, "I know, but you were and for 3 days and-" i stop him, "3 days?" I say gasping and he nods, "I haven't lef there, and the boys have been here and Charie, even Cherie came." He said and I smile at how nice they are.

"When can I leave here?" I asked, noticed Harry's hands in intwined with mine. "I think in a few more days, I am not too sure." He said looking around. "I was so worried and so scared." He says again and I stroke his hair, "I am sorry for worrying you." I said and he shook his head, "Don't be sorry." He whispers.

The door opens and a doctor walks in and collects the clip board and starts writing things. My mum wonders in and I smile at her. "Rosalie, how are you feeling?" The doctor asked and I shrug, "Numb." I answer simply. "That will pass, I have done some tests and I think that you need to start wearing your oxygen tank at all times, at night time your mum has to put a needle into you to control your sleep so this kind of thing won't happen again." He says and I take in the news and I look at Harry who looks like he is about to vomit, I hold his hand tighter.

"Will the operation work?" Harry asked, we looked at him. "I know you want good news." He says, Harrys head falls down. "I don't think it will work." He says and Harry cries, mum stares at me and waits for my reaction but I have no feelings. 


I have been out of hospital for a week and Mum wants me to leave school but I keep saying no. I want to stay there. There are 4 months till my operation, 4 more months to live. I am terrified, I am scared.

Mum drops me off at school and I walk inside and go to my locker, dragging my tank behind me. People are looking at me. "Were you in hospital?" Someone asked and I nod. I continue walking to my locker. When I get there, I see Harry and I smile. 

"Rosalie Clark." He calls, his arms behind his back and people look. "4 months." He says a bit louder and people are stop walking to watch as I walk closer. "Harry?" I question and he tells me to shut up. "You have 4 months, till it happens." He says and people are whispering to eachother wondering whats happening.

"So, for the next four months, I am going to take you places you have never been too, we are going to travel everywhere you want." He says so everyone hears, I heard a few 'awws' and I smiled at him, "I have one order of buisness." He said loudly, and I looked confused. 

From behind his back he holds flowers, lillies. My favourite. I smile wider and he steps closer. "I want to take you out, on a date." He says and I look past him and see the boys and Charlie smiling. "And I also want to kiss you right now." He said, I blush. "Do it." I whisper and he smiles. 

He steps one more step towards me and puts his hands on my face i stand on my tip toes and close my eyes. My first kiss, I feel Harry's lips touch mine. I hear people cheer but all I can do is smile. I hear clapping. 

Harry stops kissing me and I smile at him, "Let the bucketlist begin." He whispers and I smile more.



Im smiling so much I didn't expect myself to write this. I know this seems rushed, but remember it was nearly 2 months ago that she was diagnosed. 

Hope you liked it! 

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