Disappear | Harry Styles

"How can you possibly love me when I have all these machines and tube hanging off me?" My voice cracked on the last word, he looks down to the floor and back to me "Behind all these machines and tubes is my angel, nothing with stop me loving you." He says, tears brimming his eyes.


5. Chapter 5.

It's been a month since I was diagnosed and I am getting weak again, I have been taking medication and I guess I am just getting used to it. Every afternoon Harry comes over after school and helps me with homework and helps around the house for mum. My mum is inlove with him, she is loving the help.

Harry has been nothing but helpful, mum had to take time off work to help me but Harry has been working and helping mum with money. Mum insists that he keeps it but I saw him put money in her purse before he leaves once a week. 

I stand in the shower, consumed in the sweet smell of Strawberry body wash and deep thoughts. "You okay in here?" Mum taps on the door as I turn off the water, "I am fine, just, can you bring me in a towel?" I say and I hear her walk off. She comes in but turns her head away and hands me the towel. 

I am not aloud to lock any doors anymore incase something goes wrong. I guess I am okay with that because at least I know mum will be able to help me.

As I dry myself and walk into my bedroom, my mind wonders around and stops at a few different people. Cherie pops into my mind and I sigh, she stopped sitting with us last week. She said she didn't need to extra weight of me being sick. 

Charlie got mad at her for it now they aren't talking, but I guess I can understand where she is coming from but I sure do miss her. The boys on the other hand have been nothing but helpful, tonight we are going out for dinner, Charlie, the boys and I. 

Charlie has grown quiet fond of Niall, she talks about him a lot and she always stares at him at lunch. 

I snap out of my thoughts and begin putting on some clothes. I walk down stairs where mum has my tank ready for me. I put in the tubes and I go to the front door where mum carries out my bag. "Sure you have everything?" Mum asked and I nod, "Shoes, Rosie." She says and laughs and I look down and laugh with her. 

I pull on some shoes and drag my tank to the car behind me, putting it in the back seat behind me. I have gotten used the dragging the tank around everywhere. Sure, it sucks having it but I can deal with it. 

The traffic is busy this morning and I sigh as the traffic lights stay on red for what seems like forever.

When we get to school, I spot Harry waiting for me out the front. He smiles when he spots me and I smile back at him. He strolls over and opens the door for me, "Morning." He says and leans down and helps me out. He looks over at mum and smiles, "Goodmorning." He says and she smiles. "Goodmorning dear." She replies.

When I get my tank out of the car, Harry takes it from my hands and drags it behind him. "See you this afternoon." Harry calls and mum laughs a little and drives off. "Did I tell you about how I get to drop a subject because of all this?" I asked and he nodded, "Yeah you did, I was there." He says, he frowns a little and I stop.

"What are you frowning about?" I asked and he turns around, "Your memory, it's getting worse." He says and I sigh, "I know. Sorry." I say and continue walking, "You don't have to be sorry." He said and walked with me again.

The day speed along to lunch and I am sat alone in the lunchroom. I wwait for everyone to show up, I check my phone, it's been 15 minutes. I look around don't see them anywhere, I spot Charlie walking over and smile, and of course, all five boys are behind her, walking like they own the school. 

Charlie sits down once she gets her food and the boys sit around the table too. "People are not getting used to you guys sitting with us." I say laughing and they laugh, "There all just jealous." Zayn says and I agree.

Louis starts talking about this new girl in the year below and how pretty she is and how much she wants to talk to her but doesn't know how. I look over at Harry from across the table and he was already looking at me.

I look down at the table and Charlie leans over to my ear, "He is still staring." She whispers and goes back to talking to Niall. I look over my shoulder and find Cherie sitting with Scott, kissing eachother. "Are they dating?" I asked, completely interupting Louis. I look ar him sympatheticly and he smiles at me. 

"I think so, for about a week." Liam says and I nod. 

The bell goes and we all head to class. I sit in geometry and am nearly falling asleep when I hear yelling in the corridor. I sounds a lot like Charlie, but she doesn't argue with people. I get up as fast I can to see who it is, dragging my tank behind me. 

I walk out the door and find Charlie and Cherie on the corridor arguing. They haven't noticed me yet.

"You are meant to be there for her, Cherie!" Charlie yells, "Not everything is about her! I know she is sick, I know! I am taking it really fucking hard!" She yells and Charlie scoffs, "She is meant to be your best friend, and you run off when she needs you!" Charlie yells louder now, oh dear. I take a step forward but someone holds onto my arm, I turn around and see Zayn. 

I stay in my spot until he lets go and then I take off toward them, "I hate you. You don't know how I am feeling. I hate you!" Cherie yells and pushes Charlie. Oh dear god. "Did you just, push me?!" Charlie is fuming and I gasp as Charlie pushes Cherie, then Cherie slaps Charlie and it only gets worse. 

People start filming it, but I stand frozen. I can feel my sking going pale as my two best friends are on the ground fighting eachother. I feel a single tear falling, adrenaline filling my veins. "Stop!" I yell, as loud as I can, and cameras starts facing me and Cherie and Charlie look at me.

"You to should be ashamed of yourself." I say, quieter. "You two are best friends, what are you doing?" I say, my voice cracking. "Stand up, please. Look at eachother, look what you have done to eachother." I say, tears falling. They stand up but don't look at eachother. "Why can't you two just be friends?" I asked, "She started it." Cherie said and I scoff, "You pushed her, I saw the whole thing." I said.

Cherie looks at the crowd she and Charlie attracted and back at me. "Im leaving, I can see your taking sides and it isn't mine." She said and turns around and storm off. I look at Charlie and she has a bloody nose and her hair is a mess. I pull a fresh tissue out of my pocket and hand it too her. 

Everyone slowly goes back into class and I walk back, dragging my tank behind me.

At the end of the day, I see Cherie going with Kaitlyn and Scott and I look over and find Charlie storming off to her car. I wait for Harry by his car and when I spot him I smile. "Hey." He says when he gets to me and helps me into the car. 

"Are you okay? Heard you broke up a fight." He said laughing and I laughed too, "Yeah, I am okay. It was like two cats." I say and he laughs more. We get home and he helps me out of the car and we go inside. 

"I'm home." I call, mum comes out of the kitchen and smiles, she has been crying. "Are you okay?" Harry asked and she shrugs. I take that as my queue to leave and walk to my room and unhook myself from the tank and breath in the fresh air. 

I hear Harry and mum talking and I begin doing my homework. Harry walks in and smiles, "Is she okay?" I asked and he nods, "Yeah, you could have stayed." He said and I shrug, "She is just worried about you." Harry said and I nod, "Why are you being so weird about your mum worrying about you?" Harry asked, a bit angrily. 

"What? I'm not?" I said and he shruggs and sits with me. "Rose?" He said and I looked up at him, "Yeah?" I asked and he sighed a little shakily, "Please don't leave me. Please don't die." He whispers and I look at him and burst into tears. 

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