Disappear | Harry Styles

"How can you possibly love me when I have all these machines and tube hanging off me?" My voice cracked on the last word, he looks down to the floor and back to me "Behind all these machines and tubes is my angel, nothing with stop me loving you." He says, tears brimming his eyes.


3. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3;

I have woken up so many times tonight, screaming from nightmares. Mum is sleeping on my bedroom floor and I feel sorry for her because she can't sleep if I am screaming.

When I finally got to sleep, it was short. Mum woke me up at nine. I groaned and got up, slowly. Mum helped me in the shower and we went to the doctor. 

We sat in the waiting room for ages, we got here early though. People would exit with the sad news that they were diagnosed with a disease they wished they couldn't get, others leaving with smiles on there faces. I hope I leave with a smile on my face.

Mum was as nervous as I was, she knew something was up. She knew something was wrong with me. "Ms. Clark." The doctor said and mum stood up, helping me up and walking me to the room. I sat down and I was puffed out. "So, what can I do for you?" The doctor asked and I looked at mum to help me but she mouthed for me to talk. "Well." I mumbled. "For the past month and a half I have been sick, vomiting blood and having no energy. I have lost about 10 kilos, I am now 50kg, I think." I stop and take a deep breath. "I can't breath well at all. And I keep getting really weird bruises near my boobs." I said. I was tired. Mum handed me a water bottle and I gulped down some water.

"Okay, well we are just going to take some blood and do some tests." He said and I nodded. "We will do an xray on your chest while you are hear too." He said and I nodded again. 

I did a urine test, they took blood and I gotmy heart beat tested like 50 times. I got the xray and the docotr looked shocked. "What?" I asked and he shook his head. "I can't give you assumptions right now, but I will give these tests to the lab down the hall and we should have results by monday." He said and I nodded. My mother sobbed, "Is she going to be ok?" She asked and the doctor said nothing, then spoke. "I am not sure at this point. I will make an appointment for 4pm on Monday. I am going to give you two perscritions. One of them will help you put on weight and the other will make you feel really really healthy. You will have alot of energy and you won't be so pale." he said and took the papers off him.

We got the pills and went home, I took the tablets and I got tired, I went to sleep and woke up later in the afternoon. I was hungry, really hungry. I went downstairs and mum smiled at me. I seemed better, I didnt feel sick. "You arn't as pale, Rosie." She said smiling brightly. 

I ate dinner and went and had a shower then went to bed.


On Monday, I gre nervous. I took my pills in the morning and looked in the mirror. Harry said he was going to pick me up for school. I sa ton the front step and waited for him. When he pulled up and got out and I walked down to his car and he opened the door for me. "Morning." I said smiling and he smiled. "You look really well." He said and I sat down.

Harry's fingers were tapping on the steering wheel. "So did you find out was wrong?" He asked and I shook my head. "I find out today." I reply. "So, why are you so.. Happy.. You arn't as pale." He said. "I know, it's the meds they put me on." I replied.

The day went slow, but at the end it went fast.

Mum picked my up for my appointment and I got really nervous. I sat in the waiting room and the doctor called my name. Mum and I walked in and sat down. he stay silent for a while, took his glasses off, rubbed his eyes, sighed, put his glassed back on and looked at me.

"Rosalie, we got back the results." He said and I sat up, "And?" I asked. "It wasn't good news." He said. I bit my lip, fighting tears. "What is wrong her her, doctor?" Mum said, she was crying.

"I am really sorry to tell you, Rosalie has a chronic heart and lung disease." He said, and my world crumbled around me. 

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