Disappear | Harry Styles

"How can you possibly love me when I have all these machines and tube hanging off me?" My voice cracked on the last word, he looks down to the floor and back to me "Behind all these machines and tubes is my angel, nothing with stop me loving you." He says, tears brimming his eyes.


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2;

Mum booked me an appointment with the Doctor on Saturday, and I am really nervous. I have been getting worse. I haven't been at school for 3 days because I have been fainting and vomiting. 

It's Thursday now, and I feel really sick but I have to go back to school. I wake up at 7.30 and have a shower, I put my hair into a ponytail and pull on some sweatpants and a shirt. I don't care today. I walk down stairs and mum is at work. I grab my bag and pull on some shoes and walk outside. I begin walking to school but my legs are getting weaker and I sit on a bench for a while before getting up and walking again.

By the time I get to school I missed the first 10 minutes of Math. I sign in late and I my teacher frowns at me. "Sorry." I mumble and take my seat. The day flys by, and at lunch I begin walking to the lunchroom. "Hey!" I hear, and I turn around. I see Kaitlyn and her little friends staring at me. "You look like a loser today. Why would you were that, thats something my dog would wear." She says and I shrug, "Kaitlyn, I learnt how to dress like a dog from the best." I reply and she scoffs, "What are you trying to say?" She asked, as I was about to reply, someone else did it for me. 

"She is saying that  you look like a dog." A familiar voice says, I turn around and see the guy from the party. I look up at him and look back down. Kaitlyn is now walking away from us, and I look up and examine the guys face. He has a lip piecing and an eyebrow piercing, I didn't notice them the other night. 

"Thanks." I say, almost a whisper. The guy puts his hand out. "I never got to introduce myself. I am Harry." He says and I shake his hand. "Rosalie." I reply and he smiled, "I am just going to call you Rose." He replies, "I prefer Rosie." I state and he shrugs, "Well I like Rose." He says and I sigh. "Well, Harry. I have to get going. My friends will be waiting for me." I say and walk around him. "I will walk with you." He says and I shrug.

I walk into the lunch room, I grab a bag of chips and walk to the usual table and find Charlie and Cherie. "Holy shit you look like shit." Cherie says and I scoff, "Gee, thanks!" I say and she smiles, "No worries!" She says and Charlie looks at me. "Did you go and get that bruise looked at?" She asked and I shook my head, "Not yet, I am on Saturday." I replied.

Cherie started talking about how great the party was and that I should of stayed. Cherie fell silent and someone tapped my shoulder, causing me to jump. I turn around and see Harry, "Yes?" I ask. "Can I sit here?" He asked and I look around. "Where are your friends?" I asked and he points to some guys with piercing and tattoos, "Yeah over there." He says and I look at them then back at him. "Then go sit with them.." I said and then I realised how mean I sounded. "Fine." I mumbled and he sat next to me. Cherie started tweirling her hair and Charlie was mouthing thigns to me that I didn't understand.

When school was over, I walked into the carpark and waited at Charlies van. When Cherie and Charlue walked out they looked at me confused. "Your meant to be going with Harry?" Charlie asked and I shook my head, "No I am not?" I quesitoned and Cherie agreed with Charlie. "Yes you are, you agreed at lunch time!" She said and then I remembered. I zoned out and Harry asked me something and I just nodded and smiled.

When I saw Harry walking toward us, I waved goodbye to my friends and walked to Harry. "Ready?" He asked and I nodded. We walked to his small car and he opened the door for me. "Thankyou." I mumble and get in. I feel like I am going to be sick. 

When Harry starts to drive, he turns on the heat. "Can you please turn it off, sorry I am just really hot." I say and he shuts it off. "Are you okay?" He asked, "You look really pale." He said and I looked at him. "I look like this everyday." I said and he nods, "I know. I noticed you. You used to look really, healthy.. Now you look sick.." He said, picking out the right choice of words. "I know, thats because I am sick." I said. "With what?" He asked and I shrugged. "I don't know yet." I said. 

When Harry dropped me home, I walked inside and layed on the couch. I fell asleep here.

"Rosie, wake up." Mum said calmly, shaking me a little. When I open my eyes, I see my mum. She must have just got home. "Are you alright?" She asked and I nodded, "I am fine." I said, sitting up. "I got take out. Your favourite." She said and I smile, "Thanks." I say. 

After I eat, mum runs me a hot bath. When I get in, I bring my knees to my chest, "Mum." I call out, mum walks in almost instantly. "I have no energy to do anything." My voice cracks. She comes over and grabs a cup from the end of the bath and fills it with water, tipping it over my hair.

I begin to cry. 

"Whats wrong honey?" She asked as I sobbed, "I just want to be better mum, I hate being to mierable." I sob and mum washes my hair and helped me out of the bath. She takes me into my room and pulls out some clothes. "I just want to be better." I whisper as I pull on some undies and put on a bra. I tell mum to turn around and when she does, she gasps. "I can see your ribs!" She said at that I fall to the ground. My wet hair sticking to my face as I cry.

Mum picks me up and placed me in my bed, tucking me in. She sits next to me and strocks my hair. "You will be okay honey." She whispers. I sniffle and sob some more. She stocks my hair continuesly until I fall asleep. 

The next morning my alarm goes off for school and I feel just as miserable as the day before. I crawl out of bed and put on some jeans and a shirt, pulling a cardigan over the top and some socks. I walk into the kitchen. Mum  looks at me and frowns. "You don't have to to go school." She says and I shrug, "I can't just not go  to school." I say and mum sighs. "Fine." She says. I put my bag over my shoulder and walk out the front.

"Oh, Hey." Harry meets me at my door. "Hello?" I look up at him. "I was just, uh, wondering if you wanted a ride to school?" He asked and I smile and look to the ground. "Of course." I say. 

"Whos at the door?" Mum calls and walks out, "Oh, whos this?" She asked, looking at Harry and smiling. "I'm Harry, you must be Rose's mum." Harry said and I stand silent. "That's me, you can call me Dani." She says. "Mum we have to go." I say and mum smiles, "Okay, have a good day at school." She says as Harry and I walk away. "Pleasure to meet you!" Harry calls back as he opens the door for me.

When we get to school, people are rushing around finding there classes. "Are you okay to get to your class?" Harry asks, referring to my no energy. "I will be ok, thankyou." I reply and we go our seperate ways. "Oh, Rose!" Harry calls and I turn around. "Yes?" I answer, "Meet me here at lunch." He said and I nodded, turning back around and walking the oppisite way. 

At lunch, I meet Harry at the spot he told me. He meets me there, though he is with is friend. "Hey." I say and he smiles. "Hey, this is Liam." harry says and Liam shakes my hand. "Rosalie." I say smiling.

We walk to lunch together and Liam sits with us. Harrys friends must have noticed who was missing because now they were all sitting with Cherie, Charlie and I. "Okay, yeah thats okay you can all sit here?" I look confused at them as they pull seats from other table and sit around. People look at us weird and I shrug back at them.

Charlie is staring at Liam and Cherie is looking at them all. Liam and Charlie are in deep conversation about English and Cherie is talking to this Louis guy about something about Parties. One guy is really quiet, I think his name is Zayn. I remember Niall because he is in my Science class and he laughs when I sleep.

Harry is looking at me from across the table, "So, what are you doing tomorrow Rose?" Harry asks and everyone falls silent. "Oh, uh, I am going to a Doctors appointment." I say and put on my best smile. "Oh, yeah right, Sorry." He said. 

I suddenly feel really sick. "Rosalie are you okay?" Liam asked and I nodded. "I think your skin colour just turned another shade of white." Niall said and they all looked at me concerned. "Charlie call my mum and tell her to come and get me." I said and she nodded and pulled her phone out as I got up and ran to the bathroom.

I leaned over the toilet bowl and started vomiting, I keep my eyes closed so I don't watch but I am crying uncontrolably. I hear the door open and I stay quiet. "Rose?" I hear Harry I try to stay quiet but one sob comes out to loud and Harry bursts into the cubicle. "Oh god, Rose." he says and falls to the ground. 

"Is that, is that blood?" He asked and I nodded, sobbing. "We need to take you to hospital." He said and I shake my head. "No." I say weakly. I hear the door burst open. "Rosie, your mum is out the front." Charlie says and Harry looks at Charlie.

He stands up, then squats back down. The lunch bell went and Harry scoops me up into his arms and carries me out of the cubicle. Charlie flushed the toilet and rushes to open the door. 

I squeeze my eyes closed and Charlie is holding my hand. I hear Cheries voice. "Move out of my way and let me get to my best friend you dumb freshman!" She said and ran to me. 

I open my eyes and people are looking at us weirdly, when we get outside, I see mum. I start to cry again. 

"Take me home." I say to her, I didnt realise how weak my voice sounded. 

Harry puts me into the front seat and Charlie puts my back in the back. "I will be right behind you." Harry said and mum said something I couldnt quiet make out. When mum got into the car I kept my eyes closed. 

When we got home, mum tried to get me out of the car. "Come on." She said, "I have no energy." I slurred. "Can you help." She calls, to I guess would be the next door neighbour. Strong arms scoop me up and I open my eyes and see it is infact the neighbour. He carries me into my room and lays me in bed and I watch him as he smiles to my mum and looks at me with sympathy.

He walks out and mum takes my shoes off me, and changes me into some shorts. I close my eyes and try to ignore the ringing. But I can't. 



Poor Rosie. :(
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