Disappear | Harry Styles

"How can you possibly love me when I have all these machines and tube hanging off me?" My voice cracked on the last word, he looks down to the floor and back to me "Behind all these machines and tubes is my angel, nothing with stop me loving you." He says, tears brimming his eyes.


1. Chapter 1.

Chapter 1;

I haven't been feeling right for the past month now. At first I thought maybe I had a cold, but then when I started fainting and vomiting blood, I knew it was not a cold. I always forgot where I was and what I was doing. I have a pain in my chest all the time, but I keep telling myself its heart burn. It has to be.

I stare into the mirror at my appearance. I look so pale, I have lost a lot of weight. i pull on some jeans and a shirt, noticing I have a bruise on my ribs. "What is that from?" I whisper to myself but shrug it off. I have nearly no energy at all. I drag myself down stairs and walk into the kitchen. "Rosie, you look so.. So skinny in those jeans." My mother says, she frowns at me. 

"We need to take you to the doctors." She says and I shake my head, "I am fine. I just haven't been eating that much." I lie, I eat all the time. I just keep dropping weight. 

I walk to my shoes that I carelessly kicked off near the kitchen island the day before, "Do you want me to drive you to school? It's cold out." Mum offered and I shrugged, "If it's no trouble." I say. "Let me grab my keys." Mum says and walks to her room. I take this time to grab my bag and walk to the door.

I stand at the front door and wait for mum, and when she emerges from the hallway I begin walking outside and to her car. I sit down ahd she turns on the heat on as I put on my seat belt. "Are you sure you are feeling okay?" She asked and I looked at her. "I feel fine." I lie again. I feel horrible.

When we pull up at school, I get out and sling my bag onto my back. "If you need anything text me or call me." Mum calls and I just nod and close the door. Waving bye to her as she drives off. 

"Oh no, is Rosie going to miss her mummy while she is at school for a whole day?" A hear a voice, I turn around and roll my eyes, taking away half of the energy I don't have. "Oh shut up Kaitlyn." I say, walking past her.

Kaitlyn has hated me since 5th grade, we used to be best friends but then I started hanging out with my current friends and she got really jealous. "Have you been starving yourself?" She calls and I turn around, "Yeah, I totally have." I say sarcastically and turn around and continue to walk to my friends. 

When I find my friends, there at my locker. Giggling like fools. "What's funny?" I asked curiously, "Well, this guy came up to us and invited us to a party. And of course we said yes." Charlie said and I shook my head and smiled, "That sounds fun, I hope you two have fun." I say and Charlie looks at me. "You're coming with us, silly!" She says and I shake me head again. "No, I am not. You know I don't like parties." I say and Cherie came to the other side of me, "You have never been to a party, how would you know?" She asked and I shrugged.

"Fine. I will go, when is it?" I asked as I unlocked my locker. "It's tonight." Charlie says and I nod, mesmorising the date. I pull out my Science text book and workbook and shove my bag into my locker. "I have to go to class." I say and begin to walk, they follow close behind. 

"We have math." Charlie reminds Cherie and I begin to slow down my pace as I begin loosing energy. "Are you okay?" Cherie asked and I just nodded. Walking slower. As I reach science, I wave goodbye to my friends and tell them I will see them at lunch. We have no classes together, none. I never see them any other time then lunch. 

I sit in Science, beginning to fall asleep when the teacher calls my name. "Rosalie, whats it called when water travels through the tree?" The teacher asked and I shrugged, "Uh, transperation?" I guessed and he nodded and continued talking. 

The day continued to go slow and when lunch came around, I seemed to be the first one at our table. I sit and wait, muching on some chips I got from the caferteria lady on the way in. 

"What I am trying to say is, you can't ditch me for Scott." Charlie says and sits down with her lunch tray. "Yes, I can! He is hot!" Cherie defended and I stayed quiet as I looked at them argue. "Done?" I asked when Charlie huffed in defeat. 

When the day was over, and all Cherie and Charlie are talking about is the party that we are going to tonight. "Wait, did Scott invite you?" I asked Cherie and she nodded. "Be careful." I said and she sighs, "You know I will be." She says. I stay quiet when we get to Charlies van. 

Charlie drives us home in this old van she baught on Summer break, we laughed at her because it was bright orange and she hates bright orange but she was so proud of her hot new van. 

I jump into the back and Cherie is singing super loud I begin to get a headache. We pull up out the front of my house and I climb out of the car. "We will come help you get ready at 5. See you soon!" Charlie says and speeds off. 

I walk inside and look at the time. 3pm. I go into my room and fall onto my bed, falling asleep.

"Wake up! Oh my gosh, you're so lazy!" Cherie says. I open my eyes and see her in a short dress and Charlie is in a similar sort of outfit. "You two will freeze." I state as I sit up. I feel a little better now that I had a sleep. "We have jeans and stuff in the van." Charlie said and I nodded.

"Go shower, be quick!" Cherie said and I went into the bathroom and showered. I sat down in the shower as my legs got weak. Once I stand up, I turn the water off and walk into into the room in bra and undies. "How the hell did you get that bruise?" Charlie gasps and I shrug, "I don't know. It was there this morning." I say and she touches it and looks up at me, "You need to get that checked out." She said and I shrug again.

Cherie begins drying my hair and curling the ends and Charlie picked out my outfit. She pulls out a dress and I shake my head. "I am too pale." I say and she sighs, "Can I just wear jeans?" I asked and she nods. I pull on my jeans and Cherie makes me wear makeup. "Do I have to?" I asked and she nodded. "You have no choice." Charlie said and I sighed. 

Before they started with my makeup, they pulled out a white top thats really tight on me, I shrug and put it on. Cherie and Charlie begin putting makeup on me. 

Once we were done, we all took a few photos and make our way to Charlies van. As we got the front door, mum called me. I walked into the living room and she smiled, "You look lovely." She said and I smiled weakly. "Thanks mum." I say. "If you start to feel sick, call me." She said and I nod. 

I climb into the front seat of Charlies van. "Who is going to be the sober driver?" Charlie asked and I raise my hand. "Okay good." She said and I smiled, turning down the radio a little bit to keep the headache away.

I don't really want to be at this party, but if they are making me. The least I can do is go. We park around the corner from the house and we walk around. I decided that converses were the way to go as Charlie and Cherie was stumbling around my house with there heels on. 

When the house comes into few, the front yeard has about three cars parked on it and people scattered everywhere. We push through the crowd out the front and it is just as bad inside. "Shit." I mumble as someone pumps into me. "Sorry!" They call and keep walking. I am holding onto Charlies hand and Charlie is holding on Cheries as we push through the crowd. 

When Cherie finds Scott, we all sit on the couch and talk. Some guy is now talking to Charlie and I am sitting by myself, as Scott and Cherie suck face and Charlie is being made to get up and dance. I look at the clock and it is nearly 10. I have been sitting in this spot for about an hour, and the smell of smoke and the loud music is making me feel sick so I make my escape.

I walk around until I find a door that takes me outside. I guess I found the backyard. It has a few couples out here, kissing and talking to eachother. I sit down on the brick wall and take breaths, already feeling better. 

I look up at the stars and stare, I don't know why it is amazing my so much. I feel someone come and sit next to me, but I take no notice. "Are stars really that interesting?" The person is a male, his voice drew me in. I look at the ground and then to him, "They are when you don't want to be here." I say and she smiles and looks to the ground. He has tattoos on his arm, and I can't help but look at the detail. 

"I see." he says quietly. I don't reply and I pull out my phone, I want to go home. "Are you leaving?" He asked and I nod, "Yeah, I don't feel to good." I say smiling weakly at him, "I just have to call my mum, sorry." I say and hold the phone to my ear. "I can drive you." He offered and I shake my head, "Sorry but I don;t know-" My mother vouce cut me off. "Rosie, everything okay?" She asked and I sighed, "I am fine. Can you just come get me please, I have bad chest pains." I say, the guy staring at me. "Of course, text me the address." She said and I hung up then texted her the address.

"You never told me your name." He said and I look at him, "You never told me yours." I reply and he chuckles. "Sorry, I have to go." I say and begin to walk into the house. "There a gate around the side if you don't want to walk through there." He calls and I turn around and smile at him, "Thankyou." I say and walk around. 

As I wait out the front for my mum, I try to call Charlie. She doesn't answer so I try Cherie. When neither of them answer, I text Charlie and let her know I have gone home. 

Mum pulls up out the front and I get into the car. "You feeling okay?" Mum asked and I shrugged. I didn't want to go to a doctor but maybe I need too. "Maybe I should, go to a doctor." I said quietly and relief washed over mums face. "Thankyou." She says and I don't reply.

When we get home, I take off my jeans and my top and put on some shorts and a shirt. I lay in bed and scroll through facebook, liking status' about the party and photos from the night.

I lock my phone and put it on the floor next to me and close my eyes. But for some reason, I couldn't get that guy out of my head.



So, I hope you liked the first chapter! 
I will update again very very soon, I promise. 

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