Sacrafice for love

This is about Arial and Harry. Arial lives on her own and was raped for 6 years by her brother so doesnt know how to react when her and harrys relationship grows to serious for her to handle. Do they break up? Does she end up with Louis instead? You guys decide that in the comments


1. The day we met

Walking through the school hall, like everyday but all of a sudden a thousand eyes stopped, a thousand feet wouldn't move, and a thousand mouths that couldn't talk as everyone stared at ahead to see the new guy walking in. I looked up and thats when i saw him. Our eyes met and he smiled next thing i knew he was walking up to me with wide eyes and a cheeky grin. (Oh by the way my name is Arial)

Harry: Hello love

Arial: uh hi

Harry: Whats your name?

Arial: ummm its Arial and you must be harry?

Harry: yeppp

Thats when i saw how beautiful those eyes were such a nice shade of green and his smile just made my stomach do flips.

Harry: Do you mind showing me where grade 10 Math class is love?

Arial: sure, thats my next class.

A/N sorry short first chapter i have to go do my chores i will update when im done love you guys

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