Sacrafice for love

This is about Arial and Harry. Arial lives on her own and was raped for 6 years by her brother so doesnt know how to react when her and harrys relationship grows to serious for her to handle. Do they break up? Does she end up with Louis instead? You guys decide that in the comments


2. after school

Finally school was out for the weekend time to relax. I like to walk home and think about the events that went down that day, like meeting Harry. I think I'm going to give him a nickname....... Mmmmm how about hazza its perfect ill call him....... Suddenly I'm pulled out of my train of thought and pushed into a van. I scream and look up to see its just Harry.

Arial: what do you think your doing Hazza you scared me half to death!!!!

Harry: hahahaha surprise sorry i should have said something first love.

Arial: ya think anyway where are we going?

Harry: its a surprise

Arial: i hate surprises as long as i don't have to wait to long. Promise?

Harry: promise love

Arial: good now i will be quite and let you drive haha

A/n sorry short chapter again i had writers block and i didnt know what to do plus i got a lot going on right now. Any way enjoy and i have a question for u fellow directioners where does the nickname hazza come from anyway

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