Harry Styles is my dance partner?!

Hiyya my names Cher Lloyd and i'm a professional dancer and the lead dancer for the hit TV show Can The Pops Dance To The Top? My best friend Danielle is also a professional dancer and dances on the same TV show. She's a massive fan of 1D (me not so much), and she is actually Liam Paynes girlfriend. Anyway i've just found out Harry Styles (my best friend's boyfriends bandmate) is my dance partner. You know the saying "One Direction Can't Dance" well it's true. So get in gear Styles, we're gonna win!


9. Chap 8: Why?

"i would love to be your girlfriend!" Cher grinned to Tom. i looked over at Harry and he looked broken. Poor guy, he must of really like her. "Great! See ya later babe!" Tom smiled and kissed her. Actually they were kind of snogging now! 

"Why?" harry asked crying. Just then his phone rang.




"Hello?" i asked to the person on my phone. i didn't even look at the caller ID. "yes Mr Styles, we have found Darren Daily and he has been arrested with charges of assult and nearly rape." The policeman said. "Thats great thank you!" I replied and hung up. 

"Who was that?" Liam asked. "the police. They just arrested that guy that nearly rapped Cher!" 

"Oh well thats good!"  "Yeah it is. i'm gonna stay here for a while okay" i said to liam. "Okay mate. Don't do anything stupid!"  Liam said warning me. "Don't worry i won't!" I smiled and Liam walked out the room. 

I looked at the camera and Tom was just leaving. When he did Cher did a happy dance and screamed "YES!" really loud. Ugh!


I can't believe Tom is my boyfriend! I'm sooooo happy! Anyway lets get practicing, i need to figure out some of the steps on my own, before i teach the others it.


feel like its my birthday! The speakers blared. Hmmmm what could i do for that? What if the boys just do something? Yeah that will do i suppose!

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