Harry Styles is my dance partner?!

Hiyya my names Cher Lloyd and i'm a professional dancer and the lead dancer for the hit TV show Can The Pops Dance To The Top? My best friend Danielle is also a professional dancer and dances on the same TV show. She's a massive fan of 1D (me not so much), and she is actually Liam Paynes girlfriend. Anyway i've just found out Harry Styles (my best friend's boyfriends bandmate) is my dance partner. You know the saying "One Direction Can't Dance" well it's true. So get in gear Styles, we're gonna win!


5. Chap 5: Take that!


"I can't believe we got through!" I grinned to Cher walking out of the TV studios. The results show finsihed just over an hour ago, and we got through! YES! "Well there's a lot to come yet Styles!" she sighed stopping in front of her car.

"Cher?" i asked. "What?" She spoke slightly annoyed. "Do you like me? in a friendship sorta way?" i asked hopefully.

"You're okay. But i don't like being friend with celebs. You become best friends with them, then they either dumb you for an actual celeb, or forget about you!" she said. 

"I would never hurt you!" i replied looking into her eyes. "Well i don't want to take that chance. So i like you, but we can't be friends!" She said opening her car door and shutting the door. Those last few sentences broke my heart. I know i can get her to like me! 

"WAIT!" i said hitting the window just as she started the engine. "What?" she snapped rolling the window down. "How about we go to  a club tonight? To celebrate?" please say yes i thought to myself. "Hmmmm. Okay pick me up at 9. Text you my address!" and with that she drove off. Well at least she agreed.



"What should i wear?" i said to feathers my cat while looking through my wardrobe. We're going clubbing so i need something slightly sexy. But i don't want Harry staring at me all night. I feel kinda bad about what i said to him before, but we just can't be friends. He would get rid of me as soon as the shows over anyway. I mean yeah he's nice and all, but celebrities not really my thing. 

"Ahh this one!" i said pulling out the outfit from my wardrobe. 




I got out the shower and wrapped a fluffy towel round my body. I walked into my room and started to do my hair. I gathered it all onto one side of my head and curled it. Okay makeup next. I put on some liquid eyeliner and pencil eyeliner. Next i put on some false eyelashes, some mascara and some smokey eye shadow. Nearly 2 hours later i had my hair, makeup and nails done. Now my outfit. I pulled on my striped jeans, dark blue crop top and black high heels. Woah i look hot. Just then the door knocked. Lol great timing. 

I ran downstairs and opened the door. 

"Uhhh hey!" i said. Why are you so fucking fit? i thought to myself. "Well i could say the same to you!" Harry smirked. "What?" i asked confused. "You asked me why i'm so fucking fit!!" He laughed. Oops i was meant to to say that in my head. "lets go!" i said grabbing my bag and walking out blushing. Harry was still laughing. 

I stood outside the car and waited for him to unlock it. Good job it's summer otherwise i would have froze to death. Harry unlocked the car and i was about to open the passenger side door, but he quickly opened it for me before i could do anything. He held it open while i climbed in "thanks" i said. 

"I really want us to be friends!" Harry told me once he started driving. "Well if you promise never to ditch me, and you'll be there for me then we can be friends i guess!" i told him. He's gonna keep going on about it, and we're gonna have to be with each other for the next 8 weeks so might as well. I looked at him and he was smirking. This is going to be a long night. 


We arrived at the club and i quickly ran around to Cher's door and opened it for her. "thanks!" she said again giving me a smile. I'm so happy she's given me a chance to be friends with her. So i guess tonights not just about celebrating for getting through to next week, it's also a celebration for me and cher's friendship starting.  I think i'm falling for her. No Harry you can't fall for her. Management said i can only date celebrities. But i don't care if she's not a celeb, i'm falling for her. Hard.

"Lets go!" i said to Cher and we walked in. We walked straight to the bar. "Pint please!" i said to the bar man. "Vodka and lemonade please!" Cher said. I gave the guy the money and we sat down. 

"Hey do you want to dance?" cher asked me finishing her drink. We'd been here like 10 minutes, just chatting. "Sure!" i replied standing up. She stood next to me and we walked to where everyone else in the club was dancing. Sweaty bodies grinding on each other everywhere. Beauty and a beat blasted through the speakers. Cher started doing a silly dance. "i thought you were a professional dancer!" I laughed. "I am but tonight i'm just letting loose!" She smirked and i began silly dancing with her. 



Me and Harry were dancing for like 5 minutes when a guy around 22 came up to us. "Oi babe show us what you got!" he smirked. His friends behind him backing him up. He didn't scare me. "Back off!" Harry spat in the guys face. "What you gonna do pretty boy?" Said the guy grinning. Now everyone in the club was looking. "Don't call me that!" Harry spoke. God if looks could kill. "What do you want?" I snapped to the guy. "Just want to dance with you!" he replied. "Someone as good as dancer as her, shouldn't dance with a piece of shit like you!" Harry angrily spoke. "oh please! I can dance way better than her!" The guy said laughing. "is that a challenge i hear?" I replied smiling like an idiot. "Cher don't!" Harry said warningly. "It's the ladies choice!" The dude said. "Fine you're on ...." i said wanting to know his name. "Darren!" He said. "Don't cry when you loose bitch!" He said smirking down at me. "Oh please! I'm gonna beat your ass mother fucker!" I sassily said. "Oooooooh!" the crowed said. 


"Okay everybody! the rules are, Darren has to choose Cher's songs, and Cher has to choose Darren's songs! They're 3 rounds, and the audience choose who will win, and the winner will get unlimited free drinks for the rest of the night!" The DJ spoke through the microphone. 

Darren was first and the song i chose for him started playing. Lover not a fighter by Tinie Tempah and Labrinth. He started to move with the beat and do a couple flips. He was okay i guess. When the song finished i stood on the stage. Turn up the music by Chris Brown started to play. Harry looked at me worried but i gave him a nod of reassurance and started dancing.


When i finished Darren came and stood on the stage. I wiped that grin off his face, he looked a little scared. "that was awesome!" Harry said high fiving me. "i know!" i smirked and looked at Darren waiting for the song to play. Good feeling by Flo Rida started. He was a little stuck at first but then got in the mood of it. He lifted up his arms and span around, followed by a few flips.


"C'mon Cher!" harry cheered while i waited for the song to play. Feeling Myself started to play, now Harry looked even more scared. Probably because 99% of the female population either can't twerk, or won't infront of like 100 people. However i'm neither of those people.  


"LAST ROUND GUYS!" The DJ cheered and Darren started to dance to call me maybe. Yes i chose that song for him. He's gonna get me back by choosing a hard song, i'm not scared though. 

Darren had no clue what to do, so he started to break dance. He's okay i guess, but me and everyone else knows i'm better than him.

The song finished and he went to choose a song for me to dance to. "If you wanna play it hard, that's what you're gonna get slut!" he said to me. " gave him a disgusted look and walked on stage. 


"GO ON CHER!" Everyone cheered. I'm still in my heels and jeans and crop top, not the most ideal thing to wear while dancing to this song. All the other songs are fine. At least i'm not wearing a dress.


I finished and Darren joined me on the stage. "And the winner is........CHER LLOYD!" The DJ shouted. "Cheers for my dance partner Cher everybody!" Harry shouted. "Take that!" I spat to Darren. He looked pissed and shocked. "Don't think you've heard the last of this!" He spoke and walked away with his gang following behind him. Well then. "C'mon!" Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me to the bar.

"i'm just going to the bathroom!" I said to Harry. "okay!" He replied taking a sip of vodka. neither of us were drunk, but were slightly tipsy. 

I walked to the bathroom when suddenly i was grabbed and threw over someones shoulder. "PUT ME DOWN! HELP!" I screamed, but no one could hear me because of the loud music. God dammit. 


The guy pushed me up against the wall in an alleyway at the side of the club. "HELP! HARRY!" I shouted. "SHUT IT!" The guy snapped. I looked at him and saw it was Darren. I shook with fear. "Oh so now your scared!" He laughed. I didn't say anything. "Well this will be more fun for me then won't it!" He smirked while pulling off my top. "HARRY!" i shouted again but was slapped across the face. "Harry's not coming!" Darren said while kissing my neck. Oh shit i'm gonna be rapped. 


A/N Hey guys so what do you think is gonna happen to Cher now? If you haven't checked out my other fan fiction, please do it's called Why have i been kidnapped and adopted by One Direction? For another chapter to this story i need 6 faves, 5 likes, and 4 comments.Thanks guys xxx

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