Harry Styles is my dance partner?!

Hiyya my names Cher Lloyd and i'm a professional dancer and the lead dancer for the hit TV show Can The Pops Dance To The Top? My best friend Danielle is also a professional dancer and dances on the same TV show. She's a massive fan of 1D (me not so much), and she is actually Liam Paynes girlfriend. Anyway i've just found out Harry Styles (my best friend's boyfriends bandmate) is my dance partner. You know the saying "One Direction Can't Dance" well it's true. So get in gear Styles, we're gonna win!


17. Chap 14: Do you you think he's been abusing her?!

"Ready to perform?"  i asked Cher just before she went on stage to do the professional dance first to open the show. She's really been on edge recently, and jumps when anyone touches her, to be honest i'm really worried.

"Yeah i'm fine, i was just up all night editing the video" she replied, but didn't look me in the eyes. I will ask her later i guess.

"Cher you need to go on stage now, we go live in 2 minutes" said one of the crew members to Cher. 

She nodded in response. "Thankyou i'll go now. Bye Harry" she said and walked away. "Good luck!"  i called after her. Well i guess i should go and watch her and the others perform. 


I was walking to the stage to do the opening performance with Jake. I looked over and saw he was on stage doing some quick stretches. "20 seconds!" one of the managers shouted. I quickly hurried to the stage and hugged Jake. "You ready?" He asked me grinning ear to ear. "Ready as i'll ever be" i smirked. We quickly got into out starting dance position and Phil stood in front of us. "Good luck you two" he said smiling. "Thanks you to" we both replied. He's really nice to us dancers, you wouldn't of thought he would be since we were just teenagers and he was middle aged. Aha. 




Just then we heard a buzz, and that meant we were now live. So if any dancers ever had a serious accident, the whole world would see. Yikes. I quickly glanced at Cher and she looked like she was in deep thought. Probably just about the dance i guess. But she is an amazing dancer, the best one on the show. Thats why she is in every opening performance, because she is the lead because she is the best. She deserves it though, she been her the longest. Actually now that i think about it Tom's been really moody lately. I was cut out my thoughts when Philip started talking to the camera and the audience.


"Hello and welcome to this weeks episode of can the pops dance to the top? I'm your host Phillip Schofield, and in tonight's episode, there will be something different happening! Remember the surprise Cher and Harry told us about last week? Well wait until you find out what it is. But to open the show is Harry's partner Cher Lloyd and Pixie Lott's partner Jake Jones!" Phillip said. Louis, Liam, Zayn, Niall, Perrie and El were in the audience, to support me and cher and Danielle and her partner Olly Murs. 

I looked at them and waved and they waved back. Then i look at Jake and Cher. Their outfits were very strange for a dance performance, looked more like they were going to a job interview. I guess they'll be doing a slow love song? Suddenly i was proven wrong when a familiar tune blared threw the studio. Turn up the music by Chris Brown. 








(Cher is on the left and Jake's on the right!)


"What an open to the show! We'll be back in just a few minutes to see your favourite celebrities battling the dance floor out! You won't want to miss it!"  Phil said and then the buzz went, so we're not on air anymore. Not for the next few minutes anyway.

Jake, Cher and Phil and a quick conversation and shaking of hands before they came off stage. "You were both amazing! I thought it was gonna be a sad soppy song but that really suprised me, which made it way better!" I said to both of them when they came up to me. "Thanks man" Jake said and gave me a bro hug. 

"Well i'm gonna get changed for the next dance. Be back in a few." Cher said and walked away.

Me and jake watched her go down the corridor before he spoke to me. 

"Have you noticed anything strange about her lately?" 

"yeah, i asked her before you guys did that dance, but she said she was just tired from editing our video"

"Oh, well i  think theres something else off to. i live with her boyfriend and he seems quite angry lately, i've seen him drink quite a lot to" That made my eyes go wide.

"Do you think he's been you know.....abusing her?" i asked Jake, gritting my teeth and clenching my fists. 

"What?! Well he does have a background" Jake said rubbing sweat from his forehead. 

"What happened?!" i asked, my curiosity getting the best of me. 

"He had this girlfriend a couple years ago called Beth. She was a dancer on the show like Cher, and Tom thought she was seeing one of the celebrity dancers behind his back, so he always got drunk and abused her. She became so depressed that she had to leave the show. But i'm the only one who knows about this, not even Cher knows"

My jaw dropped to the floor. "We need to go to the police!" I said grabbing my phone out my pocket. "They won't believe us, not if we have evidence." he said. he had a point. Before i replied Cher came back. 



I came back to Jake and Harry and when they saw me, they had very worried expressions on their faces. "is everything okay?" i asked looking at them both. If Tom saw me talking to Harry now, he would give me another punch later. If you're wondering why i haven't told the police it's because he threatened me. He's got pictures of me naked, and will put them on the internet if i tell the police. Or anyone actually. But don't ask me how he got the pictures, because i really have no idea. 

"Actually Cher were worried about you" Jake said looking sad. "Yeah is everything okay between you and Tom?" Harry asked, eyes glossy. "N-o w-ee're fii-nn-e" i stuttered. "It's just that we think he's been abusing you. Has he Cher?" Jake asked. "NO! Why the fuck would you think that?!" i yelled. "We're sorry we just....." Harry started but i cut him off. "No it's fine really. Forget it" i said sighing. "Okay, but you would tell us if something was wrong?" Jake asked. "Yes" i replied, not looking at either of them in the eye.


"yeah" she said not looking at me or Harry in the eye. Me and haz looked at each other suspiciously before i broke the awkward silence. 

"Well you guys go get some food or something. You're video is on last, so Cher you have like an hour. I'm on soon so i need to get ready see you later guys" i said. "Okay bye" they both said and they walked away with each other. Something is definitely wrong with that girl. 





"Good luck" Harry said and went off to sit in the audience with the rest of the guys, Perrie and Eleanor. 

"Welcome back! So now is the performance you've all been waiting for. Harry broke his rib, so this week he couldn't dance. So him and the rest of One Direction filmed a special video backstage at their concert last night. Cher edited this video, and was up half the night doing so, she even choreographed this dance last night too, as she is the shows only choreograoher. So please give it up for Cher Lloyd and the rest of One Direction!" Phil said and walked off stage. 

Just then the video started playing, so i started dancing. 











We were watching the video of us and we were watching Cher dances, she rolls her hips to the beat and has the biggest grin on her face ever. "If you guys don't get through this week, i don't know who will!" El said to Harry smiling. We all agreed with her. 

We all stood up and clapped, everyone in the audience did actually. She stood in the middle of the stage in her finished pose. Amazing. I looked over at Harry and noticed he was gone. 

"Wheres Harry?" I asked Niall who was sat next to me. He pointed to the stage and he was pointing at Harry. He was hugging Cher and kissed her cheek. That was the last performance so know we have to wait half an our while they count the votes.

"How about that guys! Amazing! And thank you to the 1D boys, for taking part in that video! We'll be back in half an hour, to find out who goes through to next week and who leaves!" Phil said and the buzzer sound went off signifying the shows over. Lets just hope they get through!

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