Harry Styles is my dance partner?!

Hiyya my names Cher Lloyd and i'm a professional dancer and the lead dancer for the hit TV show Can The Pops Dance To The Top? My best friend Danielle is also a professional dancer and dances on the same TV show. She's a massive fan of 1D (me not so much), and she is actually Liam Paynes girlfriend. Anyway i've just found out Harry Styles (my best friend's boyfriends bandmate) is my dance partner. You know the saying "One Direction Can't Dance" well it's true. So get in gear Styles, we're gonna win!


15. Chap 13: What just happened?


Hey guys so i just want to say thankyou for 11 likes, 17 faves and the comments. But do please keep liking, commenting and make sure it's on your favourite list aha! So theres a lot of drama coming up in this story, so please keep reading to find out what happens!  Thanks guys love you all xx


"Are you sure you want to pelt Liam with One Direction lollipops?" I asked Louis and Zayn in amusement. We were currently back stage of their concert filming for the video. It's been quite funny actually. 

"yeah he's used to our abuse" Louis laughed, along with a smirking Zayn. "Okay go" i said and started recording. "LIAM COME TO THE DOOR A MINUTE!" Louis yelled. Liam came in a few seconds later and got loads of lollipop thrown at him, and i got it all on camera. Me, Zayn and Louis couldn't stop laughing. Just then my phone went off.


When are you home babe? Tom xx

Ugh he's being really clingy lately, he always sending me texts like this. No idea why though. 

Dunno, maybe a couple hours why? 

Just wondering x

Well that was weird.


I think the concert is over now, so i need to go home and edit all the recordings that i got. 

"Hey Cher!" Zayn said from coming off the stage, followed by the rest of the lads. They were all grinning ear to ear. It must be such a thrill to do what they do. I would love to go on tour, and perform for thousands of people. Don't get me wrong i love dancing more than anything, but singing and rapping is another passion of mine. 

"Hey guys! Great show tonight, but i need to get home to finish editing this" i said picking up my bag and hugging all of them goodbye. "Do you need a lift?" Harry asked me curiously. "No im fine thankyou, i drove here."  "Okay, call if you need anything" Harry said, then we all said our goodbyes.


I slammed my front door shut and feathers came over to me. She was rubbing her face on my foot. "Hello!" i said in a baby voice and started cuddling her. Just then i heard a noise in the kitchen, it sounded like glass clinking together. "Hello?" i said walking towards the kitchen. I'm not going to lie i was shit scared. 

I walked in the kitchen and saw Tom sitting at the breakfast bar, with a bottle of wine in front of him. He had nearly finished the bottle, and i saw a few other empty bottles next to him. How much did he drink? "What are you doing here?" i asked a little scared. "Cut the crap! I know you've been with him!" He snapped, obviously drunk. "Who? I don't know what you're talking about!"

"That Harry guy! I know you've been sleeping with him behind my back!"

"No i haven't!" 

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" He yelled standing up. Suddenly i felt a sharp sting on my cheek. He slapped me. Hard. I stood their speechless holding my cheek, i'm sure it had already started to bruise. 

"Next time you better behave slut!" He spat and walked out, slamming the front door shut. I ran to the bathroom mirror while crying my eyes out. There was a big handprint on my cheek, and it had already started to bruise. What just happened?! Did my boyfriend just hit me? 

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