Harry Styles is my dance partner?!

Hiyya my names Cher Lloyd and i'm a professional dancer and the lead dancer for the hit TV show Can The Pops Dance To The Top? My best friend Danielle is also a professional dancer and dances on the same TV show. She's a massive fan of 1D (me not so much), and she is actually Liam Paynes girlfriend. Anyway i've just found out Harry Styles (my best friend's boyfriends bandmate) is my dance partner. You know the saying "One Direction Can't Dance" well it's true. So get in gear Styles, we're gonna win!


14. Chap 12: They would love a stupid video of you 5

"So whats up?" i asked Harry and Cher suspiciously. He called us over and said that him and Cher needed to talk to me, Niall, Liam and Zayn. "Yeah you never told us, why did we need a meeting?" Zayn asked.

"Well guys i-----" Cher started to explain but Liam cut her off. "YOU'RE PREGNANT AREN'T YOU! HARRY FUCKING EDWARD STYLES!" he yelled. "WHAT?" Me, Niall and Zayn yelled. "NO! I didn't get her pregnant!" Harry quickly said eyes going wide. "GUYS! I'm not pregnant, and even if i was it wouldn't be Harry's, i have a boyfriend!" She said looking at all of us. 


Somehow her words hit me hard. I must really like her if what she said hurt my feelings as much as it did. 

"Anyway!" Cher began "Harry broke his rib cause he's an idiot. He's not allowed to dance this week, but he can do small movements. But if he dances we will be voted off because he can't do any proper dancing. So we thought it would be a good idea if you five just do stupid dancing and stuff to a song and we record it. We show that video on Saturday on the show and while it's playing i will dance to it!"

"But surely that would get you voted off more than if Harry performed" Louis said. "No cause your fans love you so much, and theres so many of them, that they would love a stupid video of you 5" Cher replied.

"Okay thats a great idea! But how did you break you're rib?" Zayn asked  grinning. "I tripped over some weights in the gym" i said sighing. Laughter filled the room. "NO HARRY!" Louis screamed jumping on me. "OW! Louis my rib!" I shouted in pain. "Sorry Hazza bear!" He said. "It's okay Loubear!" I grinned. Aha! 



"So what song are we going to do? And where are we going to record?" i asked everyone. "Well we have a concert tonight, we could just do some stuff backstage?" Liam suggested. "Okay sounds good. Now what song do you guys want to do it to?" Cher asked us all. "what about Talk Dirty? You danced to that pretty good in the club" Niall said. "Niall you weren't even there!" Cher laughed. "Yeah but Harry's got it on video!" He smirked. "Harry! Delete it now!" Cher shouted, cheeks blushing. "But you dance on TV every week. What's the difference?" Harry replied, an eyebrow raised. "Anyway. Talk Dirty is fine, i will record you guys dancing, so i'll come with you to the concert tonight" She said changing the subject. We all nodded in agreement. 

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