One Direction

Raegan MC'call, Cidnie Shannon, Kinsey Jones, and myself Keniyah Brooks.We are in love with 1D. But when we get tickets to their concerts what will happen?

ps. Raegan loves harry. Kinsey loves liam. Cidnie and I both like niall. But she also likes louis


9. the surprise

        - knock knock - Keniyah what is the surprise they both asked at the same time which was a little funny. i dont know my mom is not home yet. lets just sit down and think about what it is i said breaking the silence. fine cidnie said. Keniyah what if she brings one direction to this house raegan said looking up from her cracked i phone4s she broked it when harry was dating taylor. i dont think so ray. What if she bought you a car with one direction in it. No cid. I know what if she got me a car with no one in it. Well sure just suck the fun out of it they said. HAHAHA i am the funniest out of the group you know. WE KNOW. SO SHUT UP THEN YOU SHOWER OF CUNTS HAHA. SUCK MY BATTLE SHIP RAEGAN SAID. We looked at her and just burst out laughing. - door opens -   I'm home keniyah my mom said. We all just ran up to her and started asking her all kinds of questions. Then she said come on in i was so confused who was she talking about. THEN........

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