One Direction

Raegan MC'call, Cidnie Shannon, Kinsey Jones, and myself Keniyah Brooks.We are in love with 1D. But when we get tickets to their concerts what will happen?

ps. Raegan loves harry. Kinsey loves liam. Cidnie and I both like niall. But she also likes louis


6. next period with my bf

    I was walking in the class when i felt 2 pair of arms around my waist. I knew it was Hunter hays my bf. Hey babe he whispered in my ear as i did the same. After, that i walked to my sit and started writing about how much i love niall horan sense the teacher had a late meeting. Babe what are you doing writing about blonde again. Its none of your buisness hes famous babe trust me he wouldn't dare fall in love with me. Okay i trust you raegan told me you guys are going to london in 2 weeks. Yea for the 1D concert i am so excited. Well i'm coming keniyah okay see ya later babe my dad is here to pick me up. why would he wont to come to london with me i thought to myself he probaly thinks i am going to cheat or something what a none trustworthy guy. - RING RING -                                       Dang the teacher missed the whole class now its time to go home. YESSS I CANT WAIT!!!

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