One Direction

Raegan MC'call, Cidnie Shannon, Kinsey Jones, and myself Keniyah Brooks.We are in love with 1D. But when we get tickets to their concerts what will happen?

ps. Raegan loves harry. Kinsey loves liam. Cidnie and I both like niall. But she also likes louis


16. he's here

    - 30 min later - They boys are sleep everyone besides zayn. He asked me was hunter coming i said yea he is just running late i guess. Oh okay. - 10 min later - I was sleepy so i went to sleep in zayn's arm.He was so soft i didnt want to move. - knock knock - i woke up at the sound of that i got out of zayn's arm not trying to wake him but he did wake up. Who is it i said its hunter. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and showed him in. I was so sleepy i fell asleep while i layed on the couch. I felt his huge arms pick me up and take me up stairs. I smiled and talked in my sleep. I heard him so here we go again but i still didnt wake up.he out me on the bed and layed right beside me. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!! i knew it was cidnie her loud mouth butt get on my nerves. I looked over to find hunter sleeping he is so hot. If i had to choose out of niall and him it would take me years to figure out that. I got out of bed and to my surprise my shirt was off. I didnt care the girls saw me naked before so its wasnt a big deal. I was walking down stairs then everyone turned and looked at me. OMFG i totally forgot one direction was here and they just saw my boobs i never ran so fast in my life. When i went to my room hunter was in the shower  so i decided to hurry up and put on a shirt then i was out the door again. This time i walked down the stairs again making sure all my clothes wear on and they were. I sat down next to zayn because he was soft and nice. He said good morning beautiful. Good morning to you too handsome. I cuddle with zayn until hunter was walking down the stairs but i didnt see him. Harry faked cough to get me to look at him but i looked past him and saw hunter putting on his shirt. Kinsey said i think i'm gonna die HUNTER YOUR ABS ARE AS HOT AS YOU!!! Thx kinsey he said. Excuse me kinsey liam said its okay liam you are way better she laughed. Whatever i said i hopped off from zayn then went to him and kissed him pationately on the lips. Then i had a great idea.   

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