One Direction

Raegan MC'call, Cidnie Shannon, Kinsey Jones, and myself Keniyah Brooks.We are in love with 1D. But when we get tickets to their concerts what will happen?

ps. Raegan loves harry. Kinsey loves liam. Cidnie and I both like niall. But she also likes louis


18. 5 years later

   My friends and I were getting ready for hunter's concert i cant believe he made it I am so proud of him. We all were dressed and we looked beautiful as always. When we arrived at the arena there were loads of girls there. I was like wow. Here we go again the lights flashed off then on but this time hunter was sitting on a stool with his guitar. I was in the front row and he told me to come on stage the fans started shouting my name so i got on stage with him. He got up and sat me on the stool he grabbed my hand and said in the microphone i wanna make you feel wanted. I loved that song and even more bc it was about me. After he finished singing the crowd was going wild then the concert was over.We went backstage my friends came too.We told hunter that we wanted to try out for the x factor he was so happy. But he couldnt come bc he had to go on tour bull crap. We left and went home and waited for the boys to arrive. I heard a knock on the door i hurried to the door and answered it. It was the boys i sat them down and told them that me and the girls were trying out for the x factor. They were so happy for us but they did want us to sing for them. We decided to sing the best song ever and also did the dance moves to the song. i got to say you guys are really great harry spoke up. AGREED the rest said. Well are audition is in 4 days. They boys had left so i went to sleep.


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