If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You

a story of a girl


3. Where Are They?

The next morning, when she awoke, she decided to go outside and peak through the doors. As she slowly opened the creaking doors, she noticed that the boys were gone, and so were the knives. Petrified, she ran to Becca’s house as fast as she could, and told the whole story whilst looking for good hiding places in her house. Becca stood, shocked at what Izzy had just said, and ran up to tell her mum. Izzy felt scared as Becca disappeared to the next floor of her house, so she hid in one of the cupboards. She heard the noise of 2 people coming down the stairs, so she emerged from the cupboard and started making some toast. To her surprise, it was the boys again, holding knives and running at her. She hid and hoped for the best, when she heard police sirens. “You told them”, one of the boys said, sounding very angry. She started to speak, but nothing came out. One of the knives had blood on them, and this scared her. She held the cupboard doors shut, but she couldn't grip. BANG! She felt one of the cupboard doors smash to the back of the cupboard. She sat, petrified, as the boys foot reached the barrier between the next cupboard and hers. Suddenly, her head felt dizzy, and she blacked out.


She woke up, feeling rather dizzy, naked, in someone's bed. The walls of the room were blue, so from what she saw, it was a boys room. A hand emerged from behind her and touched her shoulder. She flinched. It was the same boy who had tried to kiss her the other day. “Its alright, darlin’, no need to be afraid” he said, with a grin like a Cheshire cat. Izzy looked around the room, saw the knives, and made a dash for one. She held it in her hand, and ran up to the boy, threatening him and shouting at him. He held up her clothes, and said “become unconscious more often, my deer” and turned over in his bed to sleep. She quickly got changed, and swiftly made her way out of the house, checking behind her every few seconds to check he wasn't there.


She didn't see the boys for the next few weeks, so she started to be happy when she got home. “Stop smiling or I'll make that smile come off ya face” her mum would say, so she would get upset and cry. Nothing interesting happened at home or at school for a few more weeks, but then when she got home, her mum would start hitting her. She would say to her friends that it was the boys again, but they all knew well that it wasn't.

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