If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You

a story of a girl


1. The Start

Izzy Winters was stranded on Mincley Lane with no help, phone or friends around her. Her house was only round the corner, but she couldn't move without being in major pain. She could wait for Luke to walk to his house from the after school club he attends on Tuesdays, but that would end in half an hour, and she might be unconscious then.


As she waited for someone to walk past, she thought about how all of this had happened. She had been walking Becca to where Mincley Lane and Fishers Road join so she could walk through Mincley Lane to go past Luke’s house to her own. She had started walking down the top of Mincley lane when 4 boys, about 16 or so, swiftly walked out of Fishers Park, and towards Izzy. She thought they were just going to walk past, but they pinned her down on the floor and started beating her up. She was screaming and crying for help, but the noise from Luke’s next door neighbours party was too loud for anyone around to hear. Then, they walked off, looking rather pleased with themselves.


She was still waiting for Luke to come home, when she started examining her wounds. They had punched her in the eye and a bit of blood was still coming out, and her legs had countless scratches and grazes, and dents. This had been a reoccurring thing over the past few weeks, and she just had to pretend that she had done it in karate; which she did every lunch time, However, her mum never cared enough to check up on her or bandage up her cuts.


Neither Izzy’s mum nor her dad cared about her, as they were always out, partying or drunk. Also, now, they had begun to smoke all different things, apart from the normal tobacco. They grew what looked like tomato plants in their back garden, but her sister, Maisey, would always tell her that it was drugs. Maisey was the only person in her family that cared about her, but she was always at University, College, or working. Izzy had given up working out when her sister would be home, because she was always late. Sometimes Izzy would be asleep when her sister got home, and when she left the next day, so she wouldn’t see her.


Then, she saw him. Luke. She screamed and shouted and threw rocks, causing him to finally see her, and dashed over. He took one look at the state she was in, and called an ambulance. She explained that there was no need to, but he continued with ease, not panicking or stuttering, but just like he’d done this a million times before. Realising that he had done this every day for the past few weeks, she had to apologise to him, and beg him not to tell anyone. She saw on his arm, what looked like scratches, and every week, there would be more and more that got deeper and deeper. She asked him what they were, but he just pilled his sleeve down and carried on. Secretly, she know what they were because she’d done it before. She couldn't cope with  being beaten up so she’d do it because she believed that she didn't deserve to be here, although she soon stopped when her sister found out.

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