If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You

a story of a girl


2. The Ambulance

The ambulance had now arrived, and she was being taken away from Mincley lane and towards the hospital in the next town. She looked around to see knives and gas masks, and some people in black outfits holding Luke by the neck, with a knife pointing towards him. They said that if she didn't say a word of this to anyone, she wouldn’t kill him, so he promised and promised until they let him go.

When she got home, her parents were as drunk as skunks, and wailing at the top of their voice some old 80’s songs. She ran up towards her room, but stopped in the hallway. She could hear muffled voices that sounded like the people who had been beating her up. Thinking that she was crazy, she tiptoed her way through the hallway and to the door of her room. There stood the 4 gang members that had beaten her up that very day. Izzy stood paralysed and didn't know what to do, when one of them came up to her, grabbed her hand, kissed her on the cheek and led her into her room. He sat her down on her bed, and started kissing her. She tried to refuse but the other boys started to pull off her clothes. Completely startled, she slapped one of the boys, and ran outside to her storm shelter. She hid in there until the boys went, but when she turned round, they were there. She started screaming and crying for help and undoing the doors, but they wouldn’t budge.


The storm shelter had changed, and there were a lot of knives in there, just like the ambulance, which confused her. The boys started surrounding her, and soon she became feeling claustrophobic. She tried the doors once more, and they budged just enough for her slim body to fit through. She then ran inside, grabbed a chair and propped it up against the doors. She felt safe, so she went to bed and slept.

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