If You Tell Anyone I'll Kill You

a story of a girl


4. Abuse

One Thursday, she got home, and the boys were waiting with her mum. The boys all had knives, and her mum had saucepan. She tried to run, but her legs were tied together with a rope, so she just fell over helplessly. She was petrified. She tried to crawl towards the door, but she couldn't, so she covered her head with her arms, and hoped for the best. Her mum came at her first, with the saucepan, and started hitting her with it. Then the boys came at her with the knives, and she was screaming at them and trying to kick them, but she was too hurt and her voice had stopped. They cut her all over, and she blacked out.


That Terrible Thursday, Isabella Winters, aged 14, died of abuse.


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