Turning beautiful

He hadn't felt happy in a long time.

Getting beaten every single day wasn't that fun.

Everything changed when he turned 18 through.

Minhyun closed his notebook, smiling. He was sure this would be a great story.


1. Reality

He wasn't meant to be here. He wasn't meant to stand by the wall. He wasn't meant to feel the other boys fists against his already bruised skin. Maybe he wasn't even meant to be placed in this world. He felt how the fist hit his face. Felt how the ground treated his skin hardly when he fell down. He could hear the boys words, but at the same time he couldn't really hear them. He couldn't feel the pain. Not anymore. His eyelids closed. His body was used to this by now. Used to the beatings, used to the nasty words, used to being worthless. The hits and kicks stopped, leaving his brushed worthless being laying on the ground. The tears started streaming down his cheeks. Not because he was sad, no he was relieved. Relieved that it was over for now. He knew it would start all over again tomorrow. 

A hour went by. He didn't moved much. He couldn't move much. His body was still sour after the beating. Students walked past him. Sending him nasty stares. Like always nobody would help him. He looked into the blue sky. The clouds looked like candy floss and drifted around in funny figures up there. He slowly lifted his hand up to his eyes, wiping the tears away. Everything had been easier, when he was younger. Nobody cared how he looked in third grade. Nobody cared that he was different. They were all ecual, if you just could play. It didn't mattered what you were good at. It didn't mattered, if you fell on the ground. No that was actually just fun. It was nothing like the cruel world of being a teenager. Being a child was easy. As a child you were equal with everybody. Jonghyun slowly tried to move his legs. One by one, up and down. He moaned in pain. It hurt, but it wasn't actually that bad, his legs was still able to move.

He sighed. Better get it over already. He quickly got on his feet, a small groan leaving his lips. His hands got a tight grib in the lose part of his pants. It helped. A little. His grib got tighter and he slowly started walking. He knew he looked ridiculous, or more ridiculous than he used to at least, but holding the cotton in his hands really helped. It helped chasing the pain away, it helped controlling his anger and sadness. A little. A few seconds later the bell rang. He sighed, the lessons wasn't any better than the break. Usual the teacher joined the other students, calling him hopeless and useless. Not that it hurt him at all. It used to hurt, but a year ago it just didn't mattered anymore. Maybe he was useless and hopeless and so what?

He entered the school building, clumsily. His legs didn't really reacted like he told them to. His steps could clearly be heard in the empty hall. He knew he was late, but what could he do. 

"Minhyun close that notebook right now. How many times have I told you to stop writing you're stupid stories in class and for once listen?" Minhyun sighed and placed his notebook in the right corner in the top of his table. "Thanks. Like I said before...." Minhyun stopped listening. He started thinking about what he should write next. What would happen to Jonghyun? If he had been in Jonghyuns place he would just yell at them and hit them. But would that even work? Maybe Jonghyun was actually clever. It would be more fun for the others if he had been screaming and crying or trying to hit them back. Minhyun placed his hands under his chin, his elbows on the table. But what then? It would be to cliche if a new boy started on the school and helped him. Boring! But what then? Minhyun smiled and pulled his notebook in front of him. He opened it and started writing.

The teachers heavy stare met him, when he entered the class. "I'm glad you decided to join us, Jonghyun." He said with his heavy accusing voice. Jonghyun knew that was a lie. The teacher would be happy if he died and never came back to school. "You're late, so you're punishment will be to write a essay and give it to me within a week." Jonghyun nodded and walked down to his seat. Again. Again he was unfair treated. When the other students were late they never got a punishment... 

"Minhyun! I don't want to say this again. You have to put that notebook away or else I have to take it." Minhyun sighed. Why did his teacher always interrupt him in the best place in the story. Minhyun sighed and when the teacher continued, he just ignored said mans words and continued writing. 

Jonghyun placed his chin in his hands, staring distant out of the window. He just waited on his birthday. The day he would turn 18 would change his life. For good. When he turned 18, he would move away. He would change his life, take control and get away from his abusing parents, his bullies in school and his teachers. 

The next day wasn't much better than the day before. He silently begged to god that his last days on this school, in this city would be better, be easy at least, but just like always his prayers wasn't heard. 
When he entered the schoolyard, the bullies stood by the gate, waiting at him. He sighed, just continue walking. "Jonghyun" A muscular

"Minhyun put that book away or I have to call you're parents and give you detention." Minhyun shook his head, the bell rang and a sigh left the teachers lips. "I expect you to pay attention in next class." Minhyun nodded, putting his pen to the paper again.

boy yelled after him. Jonghyun knew it would get worse if he didn't turned around, so he did. He nodded and looked at the boy. "Have you're dad punished your useless body today? Have he?" Jonghyun just nodded even through it wasn't true, his dad had been at work all night. The boy smirked, before his fist collided with Jonghyuns face. A groan left Jonghyuns lips and he fell down on the ground. A teacher walked by and you would think she would stop the hits, but no. She just waved to them and walked away. A kick hit his ribs, the place were already hurt. He groaned, his hands grabbing his side. "You boy, you're lucky today." The bell rang and his bullies quickly left to their classes. Leaving him on the ground, just like yesterday. The rest of the day was spend like the day before, he even got beaten up once more.  When he came home a nice beating time waiting their.by the time he lay in his bed, his skin was blue. 

The days went by, just like that until finally....Today was a great day. He turned 18 today. He had packed his bags the day before and he was ready to leave before the sun woke up. He  took his bags on his back and walked out from the house he had spent 18 horrible year in. It felt strangely unreal to finally be able to leave the place for good, knowing he'd never come back. He'd fix everything the day before, the bus to the city miles away, the apartment rent was paid from the exact day and he was already starting in his new school tomorrow. He even had found a work there, where he could start next weekend. He sent the house a last look, before he walked down the street, turning the next corner. His steps started in a fast pace, but they quickly slowed down. His steps getting heavy. He turned his head. How was he supposed to leave his home? Even through it hadn't been the best home, it had after all been his home. He sighed turning around and taking one step forth, before he shook his head and turned around again. He had to do this for his own sake. He nodded to himself and walked over to the bus stop. He leaned against the sign and started humming softly. After a few minutes the bus arrived and he got onto it, paying the driver for the ticket. He slowly walked down to the back of the bus, sitting down on a seat, placing his bags beside him. He leaned closer to the window, looking out on the trees and buildings moving past him. He saw people hurrying after other busses or just hurrying generally. Jonghyun placed his cheeks against the window, eyes on the seat in front of him. He could hear the other people in the bus talking. Some of them loud, other low. After a while on the road the bus were filled, the bus turned down on a bigger road, speeding up. Jonghyun pulled his phone up from his pocket and took up his earphones, he put them  into his ear and turning on his music. He smiled for himself and drifted into the musics world. After a while the bus came to it's end station. Jonghyun grabbed his bags and exited the bus. He was now standing in a new city, a city he'd never been in before. He only knew wher the school were, which he was going to attend and of course also where his new home were. He pulled on of his bags higher up on his shoulder and started walking down the street looking at his phone and the address which he had written down there. He kept looking around inspecting his new home town. A smile graced his lips, the city was perfect for a new start. He was sure nobody would treat him bad here. He slowly walked down the street, passing a few people, sending them a shy smile. They all smiled back. Jonghyun already felt accepted and home. He just hoped the people I his neighborhood were just as nice. Also he was really nervous about, starting in the new school. He had always been treated different than others, especially by his parents. School had been his free space, a space were he could be himself. That was until third great, where his parents attended their first meeting on the school. That had changed all, when the other boys saw how they treated him, they started copying it. Which meant he got hitten.... Jonghyun shook his head it wasn't the time or the place to think about that right now. It was also started getting darker, it had taken him a whole day to get here. But it was better to be safe, than sorry. He had to find the place he from now of could call his home. 

The bell rang and Minhyun annoyed laid his book in the corner of the table, actually spending a whole class, just listening to the teacher. Afterwards his teacher came down to him and commented how nice it was to see he was paying attention in class. Minhyun just nodded and pulled his book over to him, continuing writing his story down. 

He finally saw the sign and turned down the street, tall buildings on both sides on the way. He searched for the correct number. A big red building, came into his sight line, the correct number on its facade. Jonghyun smiled and walked into the building, the keys felt heavy in his pocket. He slowly walked into the staircase and up. His bags felt heavy and the stairs seemed to continue in an eternity. When he finally got to sixth floor he opened the door. And stepped into a hall doors everywhere. Numbers beside every single door. He quickly walked down the hall, looking at the different numbers a few seconds. A bright green number appeared between all the golden ones, a smile appeared on his face, when he realized that it was his new home. He placed his bags on the floor and fished his keys up, putting them into the lock and unlocking the door. He slowly opened the door pushing his bags in with his food. He looked around, he actually never seen the appertment, not even on pictures. The walls were light green, a different light green in every single room. All the furniture were light green, beige or black. Jonghyun smiled, the appertment were great. He got his bags into the bedroom, opening the cupboard. All kinds of stuff fell down on him and he landed hard on his butt, the things over all on the floor. Jonghyun sighed and got up, looking at the stuff. Cloth. Cloth everywhere. A smile spread on his lips, he hadn't packed much, so free cloth were welcome, even through it looked a bit to big.  He took all the cloth out in the bathroom, where a washing machine stood. He started putting all the cloth from the closet in there. Going back to grab some more. There were placed a curb on top of the machine and he used it to put the cloth, which couldn't be in the machine in. He turned the machine on and went back to the bedroom to put his own cloth into the cupboard. When that was done, he took his last bags a carried it out in the kitchen, opening the fridge. His eyes got wide, the fridge were filled with food. It really seemed like somebody were living there. He shook his head and started checking the dates. They weren't ran out. He furrowed his brows before placing his own stuff in the fridge. Jonghyun smiled and went back to the bedroom, fixing it. Then he throw himself on it, slowly stripping his cloth and throwing it on the floor, before he climbed under his quilt. A smile were on his lips when he drifted of.

His phone buzzed on the nightstand and he quickly got up. He went to the bathroom, taking a quick shower, before getting dressed. Then he ate, packed his schoolbag and brushed his teeth. He checked himself in the mirror, before he left his apartment, locking the door behind him. First day in school. Fighting. He silently told himself. The stairs down was fast over and the way to his new school were fast walked. He entered the schoolyard, looking around a fear filled expression on his face. At home he would have been caught now and beaten. He hadn't quiet forgotten the fear he'd had in so many years. Jonghyun entered the school building, signs on the wall leaded him to  the office. He silently entered a back meeting him. The secrtary was busy talking with a boy. When she saw him she stopped talking tough. "Oh, you must be Jonghyun. Am I right?" Jonghyun nodded. "Minhyun let's talk later, I've to show Jonghyun around and tell him all the information about his classes." Minhyun, the back, turned and looked at Jonghyun. Jonghyun sent him a small smile, to which Minhyun smiled bright. "Hey, Miss Yang, why don't I show him around and tell him everything? Then you can take a break, just give me his schedule." Miss Yang nodded. "Thanks Minhyun, you're a nice boy." 
Minhyun sent her a smile and walked over to Jonghyun. "Jonghyun, let's go." 


The break was over and Minhyuns weekend was close, only one class back. He smiled and placed his book in the corner again. Staring out of the window, the birds flying over the sky. The class quickly ended and he put his books down in his bag. Completely forgetting his notebook. Minhyun quickly exited his class, walking over to the class beside his. A older boy standing in front of the door. "Hey Minnie, I didn't saw you in the break. Were you writing again?" Minhyun grinned at the older boy. "Take one guess Aron." Aron shook his head. "You're hopeless." Minhyun laughed. The two boys walked home together, talking about everything and nothing. They arrived to Minhyuns house, Aron waved shortly and walked to his own house. Minhyun stepped in and ran up to his room. Ready to write. He quickly emptying his bag on the floor. He looked confused at the things, his notebook nowhere between it. He moved everything, spreading it on his floor. "Where are you?" Minhyun pouted realizing he had forgotten it in school. That wasn't the worst part through. It was weekend and a teacher would walk around collecting all the stuff, which lay on the tables. He sighed, that meant he had to get it in the office Monday. Plus he wasn't able to continue writing his story. He frustrated pulled in his hair and throw himself in his bed.

It seemed like an eternity, but monday finally arrived. Minhyun stood infront of his house, waiting on Aron. The older boy, came walking slowly, hands in pockets a smile on his lips. "Ron." Minhyun yelled, waving at the boy. Aron took his hand up from his pocket and waved back. "Hey Min. You look... Shitty." Minhyun sighed. " I forgot my notebook." He pouted. Aron laughed. "So you have to get it in the office I get it, we'll hurry, then." Minhyun smiled "Thanks Ron." Aron smiled shaking his head. The two boys started walking to school, in a fast pace. They separated by the gate. Aron leaving to the libary, because he needed to find a book to his first class. Minhyun to the office to get his notebook. Minhyun entered the office, Miss Yang stood in there. "Hey Miss." She smiled "Minhyun. Have you forgotten you're notebook again?" Minhyun nodded. She smiled "Here you go." Minhyun accepted the book, smiling. "Thanks Miss. How have you been the last couple of weeks?" Miss Yang smiled and started telling about her sons wedding and her mothers cats who were dying. Suddenly she stopped talking and looked behind him. "Oh, you must be Jonghyun. Am I right?" Shock filled Minhyuns face, but he quickly smiled instead. Miss Yang looked at him and said. "Minhyun let's talk later, I've to show Jonghyun around and tell him all the information about his classes." Minhyun turned and looked at Jonghyun. Jonghyun sent him a small smile, to which Minhyun smiled bright. Was the story in his notebook really true? He pressed the book closer to his chest. "Hey, Miss Yang, why don't I show him around and tell him everything? Then you can take a break, just give me his schedule." Minhyun took himself saying, the excactly same words as he had written in his book. Miss Yang nodded. "Thanks Minhyun, you're a nice boy." Minhyun sent her a smile and walked over to Jonghyun. "Jonghyun, let's go." 

Minhyun never wrote a word in his book again. Jonghyun completely changed his life, turning small things beatiful. 

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