I was adopted by one direction

I had a very ordinary life I was put in care when I was 5 I'm now 15 so I didn't have long till I could leave I spent every night here I wasn't aloud to leave only for school it was really stricked the ladies who worked here where really mean they always laughed when they saw me but I know it's because I'm quite ugly they have told me since I was little that I had no hope in being adopted until one day my birthday December 24th something extraordinary happened to me.

My name is Paige I'm writing this movella for a competition to co write a movella but I hope you like it cxx


4. the meeting

I was siting on my bed minding my own business kind of I was tweeting the boys when my social worker Ellie called me to her office so I ran down hoping it was good news.


Z: zaynetta

E: hi etta

Z: hi Ellie what is it this time?

E: I know this May come as a shock but I think I've found someone to adopt you... *a few moments of silence past*

Z: really?, they want me and Darcy? How old are they?, do they have and kids?, have they got a house big enough? Is the-

E: sorry to interrupt but I was losing track of the questions but yes really, they're in there 20's they don't have kids because they're to bust for tingly babies they want a toddler or teenager they have a huge house but I can't give too much away until you meet then there names are zayn and perrie...

Z: that's great but Zayn?, Perrie? Zayn is from one direction and Perrie is a girl from little mix they're dating but it's probably a coincidence

E: okay calm down you may leave now but you can't tell anyone of this it's a private meeting.

Z: okay private no one can know I got it bye Ellie.

And I was gone straight back upstairs I jumped onto my bed I looked at my phone the boys hadn't tweeted in at least a week neither has any of little mix something was going on I could tell.

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