I was adopted by one direction

I had a very ordinary life I was put in care when I was 5 I'm now 15 so I didn't have long till I could leave I spent every night here I wasn't aloud to leave only for school it was really stricked the ladies who worked here where really mean they always laughed when they saw me but I know it's because I'm quite ugly they have told me since I was little that I had no hope in being adopted until one day my birthday December 24th something extraordinary happened to me.

My name is Paige I'm writing this movella for a competition to co write a movella but I hope you like it cxx


5. my day

I was on my phone for ages I had been there for two hours just reading through old tweets to the boys and girls I got up because I was hungry I went down stairs and made a ham toastie then my sister Darcy ended up having it so I grabbed a biscuit and went outside to the garden I laid out on the grass for ages just relaxing when suddenly I was hit by a massive shock of freezing cold water hitting me I jumped up only to see Darcy and and two other friends holding the hose I ran inside and changed I was freezing I put on some make up but not much a tad of mascara a bit of cover up and lipstick but a pale pink I put on some black shorts a what coke-cola crop top and a baggy jumper over it once I was ready again I went down stairs and got an ice lolly (it's a fab coz my fav) as you've probably noticed I eat a lot I looked at my phone I had a text from my boy best friend Lucas he said he wanted to meet me t the park as it's important I had to tell him about the meeting too so I called him



L= hey

Z= hey I have massive news

L: mine is bigger

Z: I dont possibly think so

L: we'll I know it is and please don't ignore me after this

Z: why would I do that?, but anyway don't ignore me either.

L: why would I do that?

Z: I don't know I felt like saying it so shh

L: aw she's so cute I bet she would blush if she heard this but aw he's perfect

Z: u Lucas I'm still here

L: did I just read aloud my thoughts

Z: yes but anyway meet me at the park In 5 bye

L: byeeee

And I was off

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