I was adopted by one direction

I had a very ordinary life I was put in care when I was 5 I'm now 15 so I didn't have long till I could leave I spent every night here I wasn't aloud to leave only for school it was really stricked the ladies who worked here where really mean they always laughed when they saw me but I know it's because I'm quite ugly they have told me since I was little that I had no hope in being adopted until one day my birthday December 24th something extraordinary happened to me.

My name is Paige I'm writing this movella for a competition to co write a movella but I hope you like it cxx


6. in the park

It took me 5 minutes to get too the park Lucas was already there waiting for me on the swings he's been my best friend for 6 years it would of been longer but I was in a different dumping ground before (Tracy beaker)

Hey Lucas, what's your news then.

Hey, well etta you know you love one direction and you've always wanted to see them but the children's house wouldn't let you well I got us two tickets front row centre stage and my mum said we can say your coming. Over for a two day sleep Over ok?

Lu.. Luc.. Lucas... I I I I don'tt know what to say I love you your the greatest best friend ever

Aw baby but anyway what was your news

Well I'm not sure it's as big now but I had a meeting with Ellie this morning and well she told me not to tell anyone as it's a private meeting but it's fine I can tell you...

Go on

Well she said she found a couple that want either a toddler or teenager as they're to busy for babies at the minute so I was thinking a toddler or teenager me and Darcy but anyway she said they were in there twenties and there names were zayn and perrie and they had a huge house so I was adding stuff up zayn malik is in his twenties as is perrie Edwards and they're superstars of course they will have big houses

OMDS GURL ITS TRUE it could be anyway I told y mum I would be quick so I better go * i swear etta looks perfect today as she does every day but I can't kiss * I turned around and hugged her I was staring at her again I just kissed her she didn't push me off she kissed back l didn't even know what I was doing this was my first kiss but everything seemed perfect it stopped I looked at her and smiled she turned and walked away I was watching her walk her curves an imperfections make her perfect

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