I was adopted by one direction

I had a very ordinary life I was put in care when I was 5 I'm now 15 so I didn't have long till I could leave I spent every night here I wasn't aloud to leave only for school it was really stricked the ladies who worked here where really mean they always laughed when they saw me but I know it's because I'm quite ugly they have told me since I was little that I had no hope in being adopted until one day my birthday December 24th something extraordinary happened to me.

My name is Paige I'm writing this movella for a competition to co write a movella but I hope you like it cxx


7. back in the dump

I walked in and Darcy ran up to me in tears

Baby what's up?

I hit my head and bump my knee it hurts etty

What let me see

Oh bub let's get you a plaster for your knee and let's see your head ahh that's not to bad a little bump bub should we play a game so I got Darcy Zac max and Liszt all to play duck duck goose after around an hour of that I got up to go pee then I want to the kitchen as I was walking I heard talking in the office so I knocked lightly "COMIN" Ellie shouted so I walked in am I aloud to take the spare tv into my room again? And Darcy bumped her head and cut her knee it's sorted now though.

Well thanks for sorting out Darcy and yes you can take the tv and now your here save me a journey and get Darcy thanks love

So I turned an walked out I couldn't see who where sittin in there they had there backs turned so I got Darcy I walked in with her and got her a chair to sit in then started to walk out Ellie asked me where I was going then I realised there was a seat for me? Why? I walked and sat down then Ellie said these are the people I where talking about zayn malik and "perrie Edwards" I finished her sentence I couldn't believe it we sat and chatted for a bit Darcy liked them a lot but I think they only want one kid and I was just sat in a corner while zayn perrie an Darcy where all playing perrie got up and walked over

Hey I'm perrie I guess you know who we are

Yeah I'm a big fan of one direction and little mix but you seem to be getting on great with her I think she's the one for you guys it's gonna be hard letting her go... I started crying

Hey I know me and zayn said one child but you and Darcy are so close it's not fair to split you up and she trusts you

Darcy ran over and hugged me I guess she saw me crying zayn walked over and asked what was up perrie ad zayn stood outside the room with Ellie I couldn't quite here them but they walked in and hugged me and Darcy kissed them both on the cheek as well then they left

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