Pain is Life's Middle Name

Alyssa was abused and raped but she decided to run away and hopes her dad, the one who raped and abused her all her life, won't find her and put her through it again. This is 100% fan fiction nothing in this book is true or real events. Anything in this fan fiction is you believe to be true comment it and I'll answer true or false thank you!!!


6. Chapter 5

Niall's POV

Ashley came back with the ice after she put it down she fell to the floor. She started to sweat like crazy she tired pale white and she was breathing heavily. "A-Ashley, are-are you ok?" I questioned as she slowly got up and sat on one of the two, queen sized beds. She was shaking as she looked out of the corner of her eye at me and shook her head. "I went to g-get ice, and it wouldn't start so I-I tired around, and and and, my dad was there so I ran but he caught up, and pushed me into a wall so hard I heard my entire back crack. Then he- he." She paused and burst into tears " then he hit my lip and said 'there now you can be miserable forever, vampire slut.' Promise you won't tell anyone!!?" She cried out as I took her in my arms and hugged me

"I promise." I whispered in her ear but if she is a vampire, won't she kill me and my band mates? This is probably the worst summer vacation, ever. Yes, this is summer vacation, we are still in high school and this is the time to have fun but while it is already getting freezing cold. I have no time to think through whether to let her stay with us or not.

Authors note: shhhh... We are gonna pretend that one direction got famous in junior year(2nd to last year) of high school.

I slowly reached over turning Ashley's face to me and looked her in the eyes "lets go to a club, forget all our problems" she nodded kissed my cheek and left to get ready I'm assuming. She came out in a tight black dress, not too tight though "damn, you look, stunning!" I yelled and her head dropped smiling and blushing. The cuts on her wrist were gone, I was happy about that, like way happy! We left it the club and walked in as I ordered vodka for Ashley and just beer for me. She needed to be drunk so her issues were gone but I couldn't be drunk so I wouldn't take advantage of her. I had another few pints and man was I drunk! I think I remember dancing with Ashley a little, well a lot, dirty. I don't really remember anything after that, just that when I was coming back to reality I was having a make out session with Ashley. She didn't look or seem drunk so I asked her "are you, drunk?" I said "no I'm not drunk I'm just enjoying this." She said, her words weren't slurred and she didn't stutter so I believed her. I leaned back in and so did she, we were just kissing until our lips got in sync and she slipped her tongue in my mouth and things got serious I was all over her, she was all over me. It was great but, I have a feeling she is drunk but she's experienced with not slurring or stuttering, she tasted like alcohol. I pulled away "walk in a strait line" I said she got an 'oh shit' look on her face as she got up and walked forward and falling over. Some guy caught her and pushed her into a wall she kicked and fought but she couldn't escape I got up to help but two guys punched my face, I was gonna have bruises.

Ashley's POV

I wasn't drunk but I wouldn't say I was stable when I fell over I landed in some guys arms as I watched Niall get up up help as two guys took him away and this guy crushed his lips onto mine and he stuck his body roughly against mine instead of with his hands. He but my lip and I gasped as he stuck his tongue in my mouth, I gagged "oh babe, your gonna be fine" he said as I heard a door fling open and Liam and Louis were in the door way as I tried to speak but instead choked out "Li Li Li uh m m mm!" I had to keep getting air as Liam shot a look at me and screamed I reached down and bit this guy as I could feel my mouth getting dry I must be clear of alcohol now. He looked at me "your gonna regret that!" He yelled running my into a wall as I clung to his skin, it tasted fairly unusual until he fell lifeless to the ground as I removed my mouth from his arm and looked around no one saw it, not even Liam and Louis I fell to the ground and felt week all throughout my body. I felt a hand grab the back of neck, lift me up at least 4 feet off the ground I looked into this mans dark purple eyes. How were they dark purple? He took me from the guy behind me and brought me into a red carpet, black walled room with a pink heart carpet and an orange bed.

He gave me beer, a lot of beer. Enough to make me unable to control my actions but I have a feeling, I'll still remember this. He slowly removed all my clothing and threw me on the bed. He gently kissed me and then we kissed more roughly until we were making out and he slid in penetrating my personal area until I decided I could get this over with I bit his shoulder sucking the life out of him. The taste of blood was good and there he lies on a stained orange bed lifeless like the other guy was, on the dance floor. I got dressed and then left, desposeing of his body. I found Niall and cried as he lifted my chin and wiped my tears away "Don't cry, your perfect." He whispered in my ear. I smiled and kissed him, I think I'm still drunk too. My lips and his were now moving in sync as Niall and I went back to our make out session. The next thing I remember was falling asleep in his arms in the hotel, because, well because I was scared!

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