Pain is Life's Middle Name

Alyssa was abused and raped but she decided to run away and hopes her dad, the one who raped and abused her all her life, won't find her and put her through it again. This is 100% fan fiction nothing in this book is true or real events. Anything in this fan fiction is you believe to be true comment it and I'll answer true or false thank you!!!


4. Chapter 4

I looked around to see we stopped at a hotel, "we will stay here for tonight" Louis said in a tiered out tone of voice as everyone nodded. Louis pointed at Zayn and Harry then me and Niall and then pointed to Liam and himself "we are gonna get three rooms I pointed to who you share a room with, Ashley, your with Niall because you have known him linger and I am assuming you would be more comfortable being in a room with him rather than the rest of us." Louis said walking in the hotel and looking at the lady "three rooms" he simply said as she nodded handing him three cards.

We headed down a desolate hallway in the one story building and went to our rooms, I got really cold and looked around and saw an ice box I nodded knowing I might need that later. We arrived at our rooms and I saw something run by the ice machine I figured, hell, these things happen all the time, I'll be fine. I got in mine and Niall's room and I got into pajamas with the little bit of stuff I brought in my mini backpack from kindergarten before my mom died. I had my short, purple, silk, nighty and I brushed my strait brown hair and put it into a pony tail and took out some from the sides of my head and put an ace bandage on each wrist. I got out and took the ice bucket to get ice

I got to the ice machine and tried to start it up, nothing came up I turned around to get a manager or someone who could help but when I turned around there was a face in front of mine. It was, my dad and I opened my mouth to scream but nothing came out. I dropped the bucket running back to the room but he grabbed my wrist. Forcing me into a wall I could feel the wall cracking behind my back. My dad slapped my face and pushed his body into mine. I cried out in pain as to razor sharp teeth came out and bit my lip. I cried out in pain hoping Niall could hear me but no one came out,my dad took a bag of blood and opened it while forcing the blood down my throat. My mouth hurt like crazy "there now you can be miserable forever vampire slut" he said quietly. What was he talking about, why did he call me a vampire? He grabbed me and put me on the ground while removing my pants and under garments as well as his. He penetrated and pushed very hard. Until he disappeared, thank god he did as I slipped my pants and undergarments back on got the ice, and left back to my room .

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