Pain is Life's Middle Name

Alyssa was abused and raped but she decided to run away and hopes her dad, the one who raped and abused her all her life, won't find her and put her through it again. This is 100% fan fiction nothing in this book is true or real events. Anything in this fan fiction is you believe to be true comment it and I'll answer true or false thank you!!!


3. Chapter 3

*Next day*

Niall's POV

I was waking up to realize the boys hadn't drenched me in ice today. I sat up and felt hard cubes hit my head and the coldness go down my shirt everyone burst out laughing and Ashley fell over and laughed harder than you could imagine is I got up and picked her up I took her and the soft pajamas on her body and threw her into the ice cold lake next to my flat. "Ahhhh!!!" She screamed and grabbed my hand and pulled me in.

"What are you two live birds doing?" Liam asked as I yanked him into the lake as the other boys decided to jump in.

"Shit!!" Harry yelled "I didn't think it would be this cold." He finished his sentence.

Ashley got out and ran quickly inside And came back out with six blankets and we all got out and went inside. Ashley sat in a chair passed out we don't have to leave for another 2 hours so I'll let her nap for an hour, half hour. She'll be fine, I went and started I making food as she walked out and dropped an ice cube down my shirt "holy shit!" I yelled as she did a little giggle. It was cute too bad she had to leave I might want to get to know her, well maybe.

Ashley's POV

I slowly got in the back seats as Niall joined me I reached into my back pocket and grabbed my pocket knife. I opened it and slowly cut my wrists and Niall grabbed my arm. "Please stop." He kissed my wrist as he slowly spoke.

"It's, so hard though." I trailed off closing my knife and putting it away. The rest of the ride it was quite, dull even. That is until I felt a hand reach in my back pocket I slapped who ever it was and saw Harry pull away with my knife in his hand. I took it back and opened it and I cut the tip of his finger. I glared deeply into his eyes "don't touch, my knife." I said angrily. He nodded putting his finger in his mouth. Niall was asleep and Harry soon fell asleep too so I decided to lay on Niall, Harry made me extremely uncomfortable he was always trying to be a little too close of a friend and if he really wanted to date someone, he could date my best friend from online schooling, Lou Lou, she was nice and really funny she would be perfect for him. We used to fight over my guy best friend Cameron. I liked and still like Cameron we used to fight about who got to date him.

We finally made it to a sign saying 'welcome to Ireland' I'm flipping out "WHERE ARE WE GOING!" I screamed as I grabbed my knife and slowly ripped 3 cuts into my left wrist. I took my knife into my left hand slicing 3 more cuts into my right wrist as Harry,being on my right side, unbuckled and sat on the floor of the van scared I would cut him again. "STOP!" Liam yelled,

"You are going to hurt yourself and get blood all over the van!" Liam yelled out once more as as I licked the blood off my arms and constantly licked the blood leaking as I said "you never told me where we are going." I said with an attitude

"Loose the attitude!" Louis yelled

"Since when are you my dad!" I screamed out remembering what my dad did to me and all my momoriess rushed in making me have a thousand insecurities. I slowly licked the blood off my arms again and I felt pain rush through my body.

Flash back

I sat silently in a dinner chair next to my dad as my mother left to use the rest room "when I get her out of my way you will be mine, dolly" my dad said touching me down low. My family, before my mom died, called me dolly. "Dolly, at 6 years old you are, fearless, beautiful, and perfect" he said coming up to touch my chest, I was terrified. My dad went back to eating and my mom finished her food. "I'm gonna go to the store stay here with dad, okay dolly?" My mother asked I nodded remembering dinner and hopping I would be okay while she was gone.

Mom left and I sat under my bed in the corner as my dad pulled me out from under my bed. He slowly removed my shirt as I cried he started kissing me and I screamed. He covered my mouth and removed my pants. I bit his hand and he looked at me and slapped me "bite me and I'll make you hurt, for the rest if your life!" He yelled as he put duct tape over my mouth and took off my undergarments and he licked me. I kicked him and he taped me to the cold, light brown, wooded floor "I warned you." He said as he penetrated I cried and my vagina hurt he pushed hard and and I cried harder ha laughed and said "dolly, you TRUELY are fun" he said evilly and left out if me and took his tongue into me as I cried silently and kicked free from the tape and he put duct tape on my vagina and ripped the tape off as I removed the tape from my mouth screaming

*end of flashback*

I found myself to be screaming as Niall covered mouth and I started to cry and I hugged him and refused to let go, he was there for me when I ran away. If he didn't take me in after I ran away then my psychopathic dad would find me.

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