Pain is Life's Middle Name

Alyssa was abused and raped but she decided to run away and hopes her dad, the one who raped and abused her all her life, won't find her and put her through it again. This is 100% fan fiction nothing in this book is true or real events. Anything in this fan fiction is you believe to be true comment it and I'll answer true or false thank you!!!



Contest going on!!! Comment your name and your fave 1D boy name. I'll pick the winner on March 14th, 2013! I am doing the contest because I need a 1D girlfriend. ENTER FOR A CHANCE TO WIN!!!

Sorry for confusion!!! The girls name is Ashley I'll start using Ashley now... Again sorry for confusion!!!

If you like my book you might like my three favorite movellas Bite Me by: Morganne... Bullied by: xCarriex & Wrong Number by: livinthecrazylife

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