Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


6. you idiot

Jordan's POV

So we soon started towards were our group was I still hope their there at least liam wait why am I thinking like that

Did I already forget what I heard Harry tell me geez clump nugget. I swear if I do make it out of this zombie war thing

I'm so going to invest money I'n helping to restore your memory.ugh I still have no clue how this all started but when ever I think

about it I get this pain in my gut. I wonder if I had anything to do with it problem not I mean I'm just and 18 year old girl what could

I do. We have been playing ninja for at least 2 hours I was actually hard for me but I managed as Harry on the other hand was like a

Pro. Like damn kid really we had to explain the game 6 times before he finally got it luckily he was helping me as we were climbing

into different trees. Oh ya I forgot this is how we play every tree you climbed there will always be another tree next to it so you

Could jump into it and then you'd kinda act like Tarzan and just swing from tree to tree ya awesome right well it is if you weren't

Shoot in the leg by your best friend. About a half an hour later we arrived into camp

Liam's POV

Guys it's been almost two days I'm freaking out

Niall: Liam don't worry Harry will be back soon.

Jess : wait your not worried about Harry your worried about Jordan aren't you?

All the sudden we hear a twig snap we all grad our weapons and aim for we're the noise came from all the sudden Harry and Jordan

emerged with another girl

Jordan I practically screamed

I ran over to her and picked her up spinning her she let out a death curling scream

I looked down at her are you ok I asked in a panicky tone

Jordan took in a deep breath : ya just this bozo shoot me accidentally

Oh my god are you ok and who is she I said pointing at her

Jordan: oh that's Chloe my very first best friend

Chloe:yep she said popping the p

All the sudden Jess let out a scream there was a zombie about to take a bite out of her

Jordan punched on that thing with no problem then I realized she was still hurt Jordan stabbed that thing in the head till it was

dead she rolled off of it and huffed I ran over to her and said sternly you are a very stupid idiot

Jordan: ya I know

We all stood their laughing at buts off luckily were all ok for another day woooooooahh.


Hey my pickles love all of you good luck on the contest I will try to upload every day

So hope you guys like it tell me what you guys think s

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahabahabahabbabababababbab good bye till next time my fair pickles

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