Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


12. wings

Jordan's POV

I couldn't believe my eyes it was the 8 people I ran from wow I wonder how they found me ima ask them later

Liam: Jordan ( he ran up to me and spun me)

Me: haha nice to see you guys to

Liam: I thought we lost you ( he started messing up my hair)

Me: hey hands off of my money making hair jerk

Liam : hey I'm sorry

Me: wait how did you find me?

Jess: well we heard someone scream spoon so we took a wild guess

Zayn: ya trust me how many other girls are around here

?: wait Zayn ( some girl voice screamed )

Zayn: wait that voice it couldn't be Perrie ( he screamed)

All the sudden this girl with a faded color purple hair came running down stairs wow she was cute ( hey nasties not is a lesbian way

not that I have anything against them)

Perrie: zayn I can't believe this

Zayn: Perrie

Zayn and Perrie were engulfed in each other in hugs and kisses

Me: um can someone explain I'm so lost

Perrie losend her grip on zayn

Perrie: wait you don't know me

Me: sorry no I'm only plugged in to the zombie news

Perrie : funny no I'm Perrie Edwards

Me: oh from little mix

Perrie: yep

Me: ah sorry I think I'm losing it

Perrie: no prob

Zayn: Perrie were are the others?

Perrie: um they didn't make it ( a tear streamed down her check )

Zayn : oh I'm so sorry sweetie

Jess : ya I'm so sorry

Soon we were all hugging and kissing each other don't ask me how but it soon turned into Liam kissing me talk about an hour.

Zayn: wait how did you survive?

Perrie : oh Mr.Marin saved me I was trapped but he saved me

Harry: Mr.Marin that's the weirdest name and why would he save anyone isn't he the one who started this crap why would he

Save us or anyone for all we could now he could kill us

Liam: Harry does have a point

Niall: ya that would scare me if he started this

Louis: we need to get away grab what ever weapons and let's go

Why would they say this he's my dad and didn't start this no no no no

Me&jess&chloe: shut the tofu up and sit the hell down

They all looked at us like we were crazy

Liam: Jordan we need to go so-

Me: no sit now

Every one sat down

Me: liam do you hate Mr.Marin and his family?

Liam: anyone or his family has to be insane so yes

Me:( I let a tear slip he quickly swiped it away)

Liam: hey don't cry

Me: get away from me you hate me I spat

Liam: what he asked clearly confused

Me: guys MR.Marin is my father

They all gasped except for Jess and Chloe

Liam: Jordan I didn't know I'm sorr-

Me: and he didn't start this his crazy partner did yep

Dad: ya I didn't and I'm not crazy

Liam: I'm so so so sorry Jordan and MR.Marin

Dad: ah it's fine kid call me rick and oh I see whats going on here ( pointing at me an d Liam)

Chloe: busted

Me: dear god give me wings now

Liam: yes sir it is what you think wait did you just wish for wings?

Me: yep


Hey sorry if I spelt their names wrong I was in a rush

Oh and can every one note it's Louismarryme14's birthday today yep 14 nice oh and I'm not mad Chloe just a little confused

See you tomorrow kid wait let's sing happy birthday

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Chloe

Happy birthday to you. - from your best friend Jordan

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