Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


9. what now

Jordan's POV

so finally after I explained how I knew jo my dog they kept eyeing me I don't know why even

they were creeping me out to tell you the truth I guess its because they taught jo was infected

but you'd think if he was he would have ate me already so really I won the debating topic.

liam: Jordan hey woah hey girl you in there

me:oh sorry just thinking

liam;oh no problem so how do you think that zombie got in?

harry; well I did a check on the area and there was this gap in the wall so I blocked it with some wood.

me; hey harry he asked me well liam I think there was a gap in the wall but I took care of it by putting wood in the way

harry; hey I did that not you

me;pshft what world are you living on I totally fixed it

zyan; um guys as much as I love hearing you guys bicker we kind of need to get out of here


Chloe; points at a group of zombies coming towards us that's why


we all ran out or got out by moving some of the junk out of the way luckily we all got out safe

or I thought we did. I looked around and didn't see jess shit I thought about my options go inside to

to risk my life and save my best friend or just leave firkin cheese burger I ran straight inside again

ignoring the people saying my name.

liams POV

out of the corner of my eye I saw Jordan run right back inside of the now over ran towns building.

Jordan I screamed all the sudden all heads snapped over to me

harry: Liam why did you scream Jordan ? he asked in a panicked tone

me; harry she just ran right in there again shit

harry;crap im going to get her

me; no harry I will im the one who loves her harry stopped right there and then and looked in my eyes and tackled me no I love her he screamed in my face.

jordans POV

I was running and only killing the zombies that got in my way luckily that was only like 3 so that part

was good well intell something pulled me back into a dark space I was trying to get away from the

horrid creature but when it let me go I turned around to kill it I noticed it was a human a army or

military guy. ahhh I kind of screamed

military dude; sorry just thought id save you Jordan

me; wait how do you know my name

jess; Jordan this is one of your fathers friends

me; jess

dude; well my name is mr.josh but josh

me; ok josh why did you save me?

josh;your father is a witness to the one who started this shit

me; what?

josh; yes do you have other people

jess; yes we need to get out of here though

josh; ok

we all made a mad dash for it luckily we made I saw harry and liam fighting

me; hey I screamed everyone looked at me and the dude

liam and harry:jordan

niall; wait what are we supposed to do now

chloe; ya what now?

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