Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


13. Truth or Dare

Liam's POV

So after that confrontation with Rick ( Jordan's dad) we sat down in the living room or what was left

For once in this month all of us finally felt safe and free like we weren't be tracked down by flesh eating zombies. So

We were all just talking about random things till.

Louis: let's play truth or dare

We all agreed but I looked at Jordan she had this fearful look on her face Jess leaned down and whispered something in

Her ear and Jordan started giggling geez I love how she giggled.

(In the middle of the game everyone was havering a great time)

Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Harry

Niall: Harry truth or dare?

Harry: dare

Niall: ok you have to stay In your boxers for the rest of the night


( Harry started to strip)

Harry: wait I'm not wearing boxers

Niall: looks like your going nude

Harry: ok

(Goes nude)

Ahh everyone screams

Jordan had her face buried in my neck haha this was great. It was Harry's turn to spin oh and it had to land on Jordan shit.

Jordan POV

I had my face buried in Liam's neck oh how I wish this could stay like this but nope Harry had to spin the bottle and land on me

Harry smirked at me oh god what did I get myself in

Harry: truth or dare ?

Me being the dumbass I am I picked dare

Me: dare

Harry: hmm I dare you to go outside in your undergarments and run around up and down the street once and not get bitten

Liam : Harry that's not a good idea

Louis : ya she could get bit

Chloe: ya this is a bad idea

Me: shit if he wants me to then fuck him I'm doing it but if I get bit shoot my fucking head off zayn

Zayn : why me?

Me : I don't know

Chloe: hey what about me ?

Me: you have already shoot me

Chloe: oh ya

Liam: Jordan don't

Me : hey daddy don't worry if they see me I can out run those things so bring it on its a good day to die

( I stripped down to my bra and undies)

I walked out side I took my knife and bow thank god liam gave me his ammo shit if I die I will haunt Harry till he dies

So far so good I started running down the street and the I walked up the street

Oh god why me why me there was a crowd of atleast 10 zombies I front of me I let out a high pitched scream

Liam's POV

We heard I high pitched scream I didn't look I just ran I ran intell I saw like 10 zombies surrounding Jordan shit.

Jordan I screamed

All the sudden I heard this like gravel or the road shift and there was a hole Jordan fell in crap

All the zombies heads snapped to me I took on three and killed them while zayn,Perrie, and Chloe killed the rest after

The rest of the zombies were dead all of us everyone ran to the hole to see a Jordan curled in a ball

Jordan I said quietly

She responded by looking up she had tears in her eyes I bent down to pick her up and get her out of the hole but she moved everyone

Looked at her questioningly she the spoke

Jordan: leave me

Me: what no

Jordan: please

Me: why

Jordan she lifted her arm up and she was bit no no no no

Me: no no no

Perrie : oh no Jordan wait your dad do you think he has a cure?

Jordan snapped her head up

Me: Jordan come on I picked her up bridal style and we all ran to the house

We got inside and I screamed her dad's name

Me: Rick Rick

He came running down

Rick: what son

I pointed to Jordan

Rick : shit ( he ran up to some room and came down with a box he kneeled down by Jordan and injected her with something)

The bite healed and there were only teeth marks left dear god

Jordan jumped up and groaned holding her head

Jordan: ahh that hurt like a bitch

Jordan we all screamed we ran up to her and engulfed her in a hug expect for Harry......


Sorry guys if that suck I'm pushing for time ugh some one save me please

See ya my pickles I'll upload when I get

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