Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


24. tomb raider


Random persons pov

Everyone was in shock none knee what to do, josh the only military guy that was probably alive is now dead.Rick was the only one that was silent, he may have lost his only daughter jordan. Also Liam, might have lost the girl he cared about. Everyone was either crying or just standing still. if Jordan was gone nobody knew what to do , but one thing was for sure they needed to get back to reality and face the truth, they also had to find Louis and Harry.

Jess's pov

We were all quite, we looked at each other trying to find a simple answer.My best friend might be dead and all we're doing is standing here, moping about it.

Me: this won't solve anything ( I stated as everyone's gloomy eyes found their way to me.)

Liam: this isn't going to solve anything? he spat "how about we go out and try to do something!!!" ( he yelled.

Rick: son listen to me,( everyone looked at Jordan's dad.) "she's strong she'll make it don't worry,( he paused) I've put her in situations like this before, she's strong and will know what to do, all we need to do is find them.( rick stated)

Liam: we better go!

( with that everyone got ready, not just ready they were prepared for the worst, nobody knew if Jordan was alive even harry or Louis but they had to give it a shoot.)

We waked down the roads that were littered with dead bodies and crumbling buildings, nobody spoke but nobody needed to. we all knew that we would find one of them, but when we would find them nobody knew. we walked for ten more minutes until we heard branches snap.

Sam: ahhh ( she whispered screamed)

Liam grabbed Sam and put her behind his towering body.

We watched the forest path as a boy slowly emerged we were all ready to fight until we saw they green emerald eyes and curly hair.

Everyone: Harry

Harry put up a finger motioning us I be quiet.with that Louis emerged from behind the younger boy, we all waited but nobody else came out.

Liam: where's jordan? ( liam asked in verge of tears)

Both Harry and Louis looked down it was dead silence until Louis spoke.

Louis: we don't know she told us to get out we tried to get her to come with us but she refused,( he paused) we didn't know what to do until she told us to go before she killed us." Louis finished

We knew nothing now until we heard clapping behind us, we all whipped our head around to see no one else but jordan.

"Jordan!!!" everyone screamed running up and crushing the girl that we all missed.

Harry: how did you get out?

Jordan: god that's a long ass story, ok so after I threatened harry and Louis to leave, I ran yo the roof sensible right, wrong ( she spoke as everyone listened) only a couple of minutes after the glass broke the door to the roof of the building burst open, zombies every where,( she paused ) and if corse I'm out of $&@%^*# amo, so here I am with a axe and about I don't know 100 zombies on my ass.( she stopped ) so I did the only sensible thing I jumped off the building and like tomb raided on the telephone pole lines. and we'll ere I am."

We all looked at her but we were all glad he was ok,

Liam: god your crazy but I couldn't like anyone else.

Of course me and the only other two girls Sam and Perrie awed .


Ok how about that got my escape from tomb raider definitive edition, beat it twice once in normal second on hard , we'll see you my pickles till next time my sea cucumbers.!!!!!!!

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