Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


19. time is up


Jordan's POV

Everything so far has gone good I mean the air was tense between Liam and I but soon into the ride

he apologized for the words he had spoken earlier. So as for Sam she has been asleep for the car ride

I mean I wouldn't blame the kid she just lost her mom and was about to be attacked so I could understand

how she feels. I was deep in thought thinking about what we were going to do or even where we were

going to go. The images of her mother being eaten just kept repeting insid eof my head like when that

old lady was being eaten when this thing first star-

Liam:jodan? ( liam said as he scotted closer to me)

Me: oh sorry I was just thinking about somethings>( I stated)

(liam wrapped his arms around me as i snuggled into him, I let out a frusterated long sigh)

Jess: hey Jo you ok?

Me: ya im fine but guys what are we supposed to do with Sam she has to be like 7 and we have to train her> I stated

Harry&Louis: ya she is right ( they stated in unison )

Me: are you sure Larry Stylension isn't a real thing?

Harry&louis: hey ( they shouted)

( my arms started to move oh Sam was wakeing up)

Sam: Mommy? ( she said that broke my heart)

Me: hey Sam are you ok? feeling well? here.( i wrapped her up in my arms she started crying obvisly remembering the events that happend.)

Every one was devistated you could tellby the look in their eyes, there was an akward silence in tell Niall broke it

Niall: Hi Im niall> (He got up and came over and hugged her and surprisingly she hugged him back)

Harry: Hi I'm harry.

Zayn: Oi i'm zayn.

perrie: Hi cutie I'm Perrie

jess: Hi i'm jess, Jordan's best friend( she stated proudly)

Me: haha that's a huge acomplishment

jess: hey ( she stated while crossing her arms and pouting)

Niall: hey don't be sad babe ( he said while he gave her a kiss on the lips)

Sam: ewwww

Liam: you got that right Sam

Me: oh by the way this is liam my.....( i was pusterd because i didnt know what to say)

Liam: jordan's boyfriend

( everyone gasps)

Louis:hahahaha thank god finally

harry:Fuc-oh fudge cakes ( he coverd that naughty word because of Sam)

zayn: Dang it

perrie: I told you not to bet on it

( zayn and harry handed louis 200$)

Me: wait you betted on our relationship

Louis: yep

( louis took the 200$ and was about to stuff in his pants when jess snathed it really fast like a nija wow)

louis: hey ( he pouted)

Jess: hey I told you the whole entire time monkey butt

louis: that is cold

Me; um hate to bother you but money isnt going to help us were in a ZOMBIE apocolypse remember

All: oh ya

Rick: hey jordan?


Rick: do you remeber that police station i used to work at

liam: that explains everything ( liam whispers )

( everyone breaks out laughing even my dad)

Rick: hey son i could hear that

liam: im sorry

rick: dont sweat it kid

( about an hour later we arived at the police station or what was left of it)

( we got out of the car and walked around the rubble I saw something very shiney hmm I thaught)

Liam: jordan (he shouted while raising up is bow and shooting the walker by me)

Me: thanks

( i walk over to the rubble and pick up the oblect thats when i notice its a picture frame and its a picture of....)

( i fall to my knees of course liam notices )

Liam: jordan....? ( he slowly walked over so did everyone else)

I held up the picture frame

Liam took it and asked is that your>>>>>>>>


sorry my pickles cliff hanger maybe i dont know

so hope you liked it sorry if it sucked

ive been focused on other stuff like

my personal things sorry>>>>>>

ill update soon promise

till we meet again my pickles

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