Onedirection in a zombie war

Onedirection zombie fanfic I mean how much better can that get.

Ok so what will happen when Jordan and her best friend Jess are stuck in a zombie war and meet onedirection will they survive or all die


4. the secret

Hey pickles I'm going to update everyday hope you like it. Ugh school is killing me anyone talk algebra ok

Let's get on with it


Liam's POV

What is today ahh I swear I need a calendar or I'll go crazy, well this has gone good no one got bit or has died luckily

Well except Niall who we need to put on a leash I swear if Jordan didn't see that zombie Niall would be one

Oh ya speaking of Jordan she's amazing I think I have feelings for her but wait we just meant ugh why is love so complicated.

When ever Jordan and I are a group we are like the rulers ya wired I know but when ever harry will offer Jordan a piggy back ride or

holds her hand I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach oh god this can't be jealousy can it ugh.

Harry's POV

Today we all went to search for food luckily I got Jordan as my partner when Louis said we were working together I swear I saw

Liam's smile disappear I mean does he like Jordan wait he can't i do wait did I just say I like Jordan but we've only known each other for a week.

I was deep in thought till a familiar voice snapped me out of my trance

Hey Harry bro you there? Jordan said snapping her fingers

Oh ya sorry just blanked out I said with an honest tone

Oh ok well do you wanna get going its a long way to the market she replied

Sure she just nodded her head

(1hour later)

Ugh can we stop I whined

No we. Have to go in tell we get to the mar-

Market I yelled jumping up and down shit I shouldn't have done that with in seconds we were stormed with those vial

Creatures that are dead.

Shit Jordan cursed under her breath

Oh god what are we supposed to do I murmured

She just looked like she was shoot oh shit wait shit I hear another shoot before Jordan fell to the ground

Shit I said as I hurried over to her

Jordan Jordan I kept repeating she was shoot in her leg not in tell I heard someone yell oh my god I turned around noticing all of the dead zombies

The girl with shoulder length brown hair came running over Jordan she screamed

Wait I looked at the girl you know Jordan

Ya were best friends in tell I moved shit I didn't mean to shoot her god she's loosing a bunch of blood

Wait who are you I asked looking at the girl

I'm Chloe

Chloe looked at Jordan and back to me come on she lead me to a house we hurried on side as I set Jordan down Chloe started stitching up Jordan's leg

I looked at Jordan the Chloe do you know what your doing I sparked about to cry

No but I'm a ninja so he'll she'll be fine. She finished and said I'll leave you alone with her

I looked at Jordan and took her hand and said Jordan please don't leave I love you

Jordan's POV

I woke up to pain but I couldn't move shit I said to my self all the sudden I felt someone take my hand and started to speak in a fragile voice wait harry that's who was talking all the sudden he said Jordan don't leave I love you

Did he just say he loves me oh my pickle chicken

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